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match the definition in the first section with the correct word in the second section

Corresponding Term
A. The process of dividing a potential market into distinct subsets of 1. Psychographic
consumers is
B. Marketers segment based on these two broad categories of factors. 2. Segmentation
C. Quantitative factors and cognitive factors both consist of factors 3. Concentrated marketing
D. segmentation is based on factors such as consumers’ age; 4. Identification
gender; marital status; household size and type; income; occupation; and
social standing
E. PRIZM Premier (https://www.claritas.com/prizmr-premier) is a type of 5. Demographic
F. segmentation is based on consumers’ lifestyles and factors such 6. Mobile targeting
as consumers’ activities, interests, and opinions.
G. When marketers segment consumers based on whether they are 7. Profitability
heavy, medium, or light users of a product/brand, they are using this
kind of segmentation.
H. This characteristic of selecting target markets means that marketers 8. Consumer-intrinsic;
should have some way of deciding who falls into what segment. consumption based
I. This characteristic of selecting target markets means that segments 9. Predictive analytics
should be sizeable, as well as stable and growing.
J. This relates to sending consumers personalized and prompt offers 10. Retargeting
and promotional messages designed to reach the right consumers and
deliver to them highly relevant messages at the right time and more
accurately than when using conventional segmentation techniques.
K. If consumers visit a website and leave without making a purchase, 11. Geo-demographic
they can be subsequently targeted with ads by the company whose
website they visited through a method called
L. The emergence of smartphones and GPS devices has facilitated this 12. Geofencing
kind of targeting
consists of methods predicting consumers’ future purchases on 13. Quantitative and cognitive
the bases of past buying information and other data.
14. Behavioral targeting
N. In order to combat showrooming, some physical stores started
which consists of sending promotional alerts to the smartphones of
customers who opted into this service, when the customers are near or
enter the store
O. With this target strategy, a company selects one segment and
targets that one segment; another name for this is niche marketing.
15. Usage-rate

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