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Find THREE scholarly articles relating to your chosen topic. Please note where you found the articles.

Netflix Original Series, Global Audiences and Discourses of Streaming Success
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Netflix Original Series, Global Audiences and Discourses of Streaming Success
Article Annotation
In the article, Wayne & Uribe (2021) argue that the attention garnered from mass
audiences independent of location is a driving force behind its success. Wayne & Uribe (2021)
also posit that global audiences can easily access content streamed in their native languages, thus
enhancing the originality of these series. According to Wayne & Uribe (2021), Netflix’s original
series are globally watched, and fans are optimistic about their favorite shows. The research
identified that most people agree that the Netflix original series has changed what is considered a
good show. People believe that they have made watching TV easier than before. The article is
well written although the findings are not what I expected. The main point of this article is how
people around the world view Netflix and its film success, but it does not talk about how the
company has changed over time. I think this could be addressed by researching different cultures
and how they consider technology concerning other topics such as job roles and social
The study makes concrete results by analyzing the global audiences and discourses of
streaming success of 67 Netflix original series. The findings confirm the mechanisms through
which lessons operate in the popular imagination: they are primarily shaped by commercial
content flows mediated by public policy, but they also depend upon multiple political, social,
economic, and cultural forces (Wayne & Uribe, 2021). The forces include diverse interests
among audiences and creators, and actors beyond current television scholarship.
I found the article interesting because it treated the global audiences’ theme. I liked how
the authors provided a wide range of perspectives on what is going on in terms of global
audiences through close readings of series like Narcos, Sense8, and Stranger Things (2021).
Article Summary
In their article, the authors argue that the success of international streaming platforms in
promoting local content indicates that it is essential for countries to acknowledge broadcasting as
a part of national identity and cultural practices. Wayne & Uribe (2021) explore the relationship
between Netflix’s original series and global audiences in the context of South Asian cinema.
They first explain how Netflix’s international expansion has provided opportunities for the
Hollywood studio model to be adapted so that it can survive, leading to a ‘discursive ecosystem’
where a new way of thinking about television has emerged through the production of highquality television programs. Finally, they evaluate this discourse on streaming success by
examining the relationship between national reception and global market share.
Significant themes and discourses of Netflix’s original series, global audiences, and
discourses of streaming success are examined in the article. Wayne & Uribe (2021) discusses the
significance of Netflix as a platform, how it has been influential in archiving cultural analysis
within television studies, and its effect on contemporary culture. Database research will also
explore whether the series being watched by global audiences affects specific trends within
Asian American communities in America.
Review of the Article
Critical Studies in Television is an inspiring piece about the importance of Netflix for the
concept of streaming. The article does a great job of reviewing data from multiple sources using
an analytical approach to analyze how the application of a single tool affects the entire
production process and the message transmitted by Netflix-produced content. The article
attempts to capture the extent to which Netflix’s original series, like Stranger Things and The
Crown, is produced concerning the United States and European cultural discourses of nationhood
and superiority (Wayne & Uribe, 2021). From this perspective, it appears that these series are not
only using these discourses as a literary device but also reflecting them through the narratives
created. This is evident in how Americans receive these series as an extension of their cultural
identities because they accept them as easy entertainment while also bemoaning their lack of
refinement. The article brings together two data sources that can be used to enhance our
understanding of Netflix’s success in the global marketplace. It provides a helpful overview of
the findings from these data sets and discusses their limitations, which are important to consider
in an edited collection (Wayne & Uribe, 2021). I found the article interesting, but there seems to
be far less focus on the cultural standpoint of the issue. In discussing global audiences, I believe
a more in-depth discussion on how specific cultures view this material would be beneficial.
Wayne, M. L., & Uribe Sandoval, A. C. (2021). Netflix original series, global audiences, and
discourses of streaming success. Critical Studies in Television, 17496020211037259.

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