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please go through the instructions bellow, everything will be written to be from your own words

Perefect grmmar, academic words only dhould be used

the profssor is a hard grader so please follow the instructions very well. NO PLAGIRISM


In this project, you will visit a local business that markets products in the product area of interest

to the group. The nature of the businesses should be one that is dominant in this area, i.e., where many

customers go to acquire products in the area of interest. Activities to be performed during your business


1. Note the variety of product offerings

2. How can the products be classified? (cost, niche appeal, etc.)

3. Observe how are products displayed?

4. Take pictures of the area within the business

Before you visit the business, perform an internet search on the product area so you have some working

ideas about activities #1 and #2 above.

Report requirements

Follow the general report guidelines in the “General format requirements for group reports” document.

You should address the following items in your report:

1. A summary of your preliminary findings from the internet search regarding your product area.

2. A summary of your observations regarding your field work

3. Include pictures from your field work in your discussion as appropriate

General requirements for group laboratory reports
All reports should be typed in 11 or 12 point font, using single spacing and one
inch margins on all sides. All pages should be numbered. Otherwise, the
following general format should be followed:
Cover page (page 1)
– Title of the lab exercise
– Product area
– Names of all group members
– Date
Abstract (page 2)
– A short (not more than one page) summary of the lab exercise, including
what was done, how it was done, and any observations or conclusions. This
is a free-standing page.
Body of report (page 3+)
– Use sections and subsections as you think are needed
Typical sections:
Purpose (what were you doing and why)
Methodology (how you did what you did)
Observations (what you saw or experienced)
Discussion (what does all this mean?)
Summary/conclusions (what did you learn?)
(if needed) Appendix (this can include detailed data tables, blank survey
forms, pictures, individual responses, etc. – make sure all appendix
materials are referenced in the body of the report)
All reports will be submitted (uploaded) as a pdf file. Also, each group only needs
to submit one report per group.

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