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A Part:

Akram Khan:

Learn about Akram Khan:


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The Floating World

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A clip of Khan’s version of the ballet, Giselle for English National Ballet:

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an interview:

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Black Grace:

Black Grace’s movement is drawn from, as Ieremia puts it: “traditional Maori and Samoan dance, western modern dance, but also the football field, construction site, and streets of New Zealand.”

Founder of Black Grace, Neil Ieremia: Born in New Zealand and of Samoan heritage, Ieremia’s work embodies three important Samoan principles:


(integrity, honesty and pride),

Fa’amalosi/Loto Tele

(perseverance and determination) and


(humility and respect).


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Ieremia’s father, a Samoan, is the cultural adviser for Black Grace.

Read this short article about Polynesian dance:

The beauty of Polynesian dance

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Watch these two short videos showing some of Black Grace’s work:

Black Grace

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Overall thoughts about Khan’s and Ieremia’s work? Do you notice the blending of styles, and how their personal histories and cultures show up in their work? Mention 3 details from both choreographers

B Part:

Cloud Gate:


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Cloud Gate – Lunar Halo by CHENG Tsung-lung

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Minimize Video



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Ohad Naharin discusses Gaga movement

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Gaga training and groove at Batsheva Ensemble

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Questions to reflect upon:

I encourage you to do more research bout the subject matter of the dances featured from both Cloud Gate and Batsheva. Then answer: What do you think the deeper meaning of these works are? How does the culture of the place the companies are from show up in the work, if at all? What did you like about the work? What didn’t you like? Why?

Thoughts about Gaga? What did you learn? Have some of these elements shown up in our classes? How?

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