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I also uploaded the reading.


lease follow the guidelines very carefully and write correctly.

If you have any questions please ask me.

Thank you.

W4 Discussion – Discussion Session 7
Hi, welcome to this week discussion!
What is due?
Please choose one topic (see below) and post at least one reflection and two comments to your
peers’ reflections.
This assignment is meant to assess your capacity to understand and reflect autonomously on
the contents that you studied, and your capacity to engage with different opinions and views in
a respectful and fruitful way, collaborating with your peers for an inclusive learning
Please write:
1) One post on the chosen prompt, 100 to 200 words
2) At least two comments on your peers’ posts, 50 to 100 words each. One of the comments
can be your reply to a comment you received. Comments can be on any topic, not necessarily
the prompt you have chosen.
Please be sure that your posts are on topic, and your comments are respectful and constructive.
See the rubric for details.
IMPORTANT: This is a group discussion; be sure that you post in your group, not in the general
discussion. Only if you post in your group your submission will be graded.
1) Do you think that Elisabeth of Bohemia’s criticism of Descartes is convincing? Why?
2) What is your position regarding the “hard problem” of consciousness? Do you think science
will be able to explain how the physical brain produces conscious experience? Why yes, why
3) Do you think that Ryle’s criticism of Descartes is convincing? Why?
4) If you watched the movie Blade Runner, share your thoughts on how it relates to the topics of
this week.
Week 4 Modules
My peers’ posts are below
I also uploaded the reading.
Please follow the guidelines very carefully and write correctly.
If you have any questions please ask me.
Thank you.

3 N

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D”$H>^D1`L68K`G HL>[`C$L G6FI8! >`H$GH$K$DL NFD`F%`L6$` 80H! L:FD`F%` `G$HKFD K`LVF`>8R$K`
L6$H$`8K` `K$$C8D1>[`CFH$`GHF.PD”` D”`G68>FKFG68! >` KKPCGL8FD ` L`8K` KKPC$”`L6 L`L6$H$`
H$` OF`”8)$H$DL`K `FH`KFC$U7 L` K`>9R8D1`!H$ LPH$K` H$`$8L6$H`C >$`FH`%$C >$ `
KF `8L`8K`KPGGFK$” `KFC$`$Z8KL8D1`8K`G6[K8! >`$Z8KL:D1 `FL6$H`$Z8KL8D1`8K`C$DL >`$Z8KL8D1 ` L`8K` `
D$!$KK H]`%$ LPH$`F%`U6 L`6 K`G6[K8! >`$Z8KL$D!$`L6 L`8L`8K`8D`KG !$` D”`M8C$ `8L`8K` `D$!$KK H]`
%$ LPH$` F%` U6 L` 6 K` C$DL >` $Z8KL$D!$` L6 L` 8L`8K` 8D`L8C$` PL` DFL` 8D` KG !$ ` 6 L` 6 K` G6[K8! >`
$Z8KL$D!$`8K`!FCGFK$”`F%`C LL$H `FH`$>K$`8K` `0D!L:FD`F%`C LL$H `U6 L`6 K`C$DL >`$Z8KL$D!$`
6$H$` 8K` L6PK` ` GF> H` FGGFK8L8FD` $LV$$D` C8D”` D”` C LL$H ` D` FGGFK8L8FD` U78!6` 8K` F%L$D`
HFP16L` FPL` K`.>>FUK ` L$I8 >`F ;$!LK` H$` K8LP L$”`8D` `!FCCFD`+$>” `>[` !FDD$!L$”`W8L6` U6 L`
6 GG$DK`LF` FL6$H` F”8$K`8D` FL6$H` G HLK`F%`KG !$ ` PL`C$DL >`6 GG$D8D1K`F!!PH`8D`8DKP> L$”`
+$>”K ` $G L6[ ` DF` “8H$!L` ! PK >`
!FDD$!L8FD` $LV$$D` U6 L` 6 GG$DK` 8D` FD$` C8D”` D”` U6 L` 6 GG$DK` 8D` DFL6$H ` D>[`
L6HFP16` L6$` C$”8PC` F%` L6$` GP >8!` G6[K8! >` UFH>”` ! D` L6$` C8D”` F%` FD$` G$HKFD` C !$` D”`8D`68K`8DD$H`>8%$`$ !6`F%`PK`
>9R$K`L6$`>8%$`F%` `16FKL>[` F 8DKFD` HPKF$ `
$FG>$`! D`K$$ `6$ H` D”`;F>L`FD$` DFL6$H K` F”8$K ` PL`L6$[` H$`8HH$C$”8 >[` BD”` D”`”$ %`
LF` L6$` UFH=8D1K` F%` FD$` DFL6$H K` C8D”K` D”` 8DFG$H L9Q$` PGFD` L6$C ` 6 L` KFHL` F%`
$”1$` ! D` $` K$!PH$”` F%` L6$` UFH=8D1K` F%` ` C8D” ` D` L6$` FD$` K8″$ ` !!FH”8D1` LF` L6$`
F&,!8 >`L6$FH] ` `G$HKFD`6 K` “8H$!L` $”1$` F%`L6$` $KL`8C 3D >$“ KL L$K` D”` GHF!$KK$K` H$` FH` H$` DFIC >>[ ` !FDK!8FPK` KL L$K` D”`
GHF!$KK$K ` D”` L6$` !FDK!8FPKD$KK` T68!6` 8HH “8 L$K` L6$C` ! D` $D1$D”$H` DF` 8>>PK8FDK` D”`
>$ Q$K`L6$`”FFH`FG$D`.H`DF`”FP LK “

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GH8R8>$1$”` !!$KK `L6$`UFH !8L[` F%` F K$HR L8FD >` !FHHF FH L8FD ` FL`
PDD LPH >>[ ` L6$H$%FH$ ` D` “6$H$DL` F%` L6$` F%%8!8 >` L6$FH[` %8D”K` 8L` “8%%8!P>L` LF` H$K8KL` L68K`
!FDK$QP$D!$` F%` 68K` GH$C8KK$K ` L6 L` 6$` 6 K` DF` 1FF”` H$ KFD` LF` $>8$R$` L6 L` L6$H$` “F` $Z8KL`
C8D”K`FL6$H`L6 D`68K`FUD `%R$D`8%`6$`GH$%$HK`LF` $>8$R$`L6 L`LF`FL6$H`6PC D` F”8$K`L6$H$` H$`
6 HD$KK$”`C8D”K`DFL`PD>8 8C`LF` $` >$`LF`”8K!FR$H`L6$8H`8D”8R8″P >`
!6 H !L$H8KL8!K `FH`L6$`G HL8!P> H`L68D1K`L6 L`L6$[`PD”$H1F` D”`”F ` KF>PL$`KF>8LP”$`8K`FD`L68K`
K6FU8D1`L6$`8D$>P!L >$`”$KL8D[`F%`L6$`KFP> ` D>[`FPH` F”8$K`! D`C$$L

S!>c?IcJSRFI$c?QcR>$cJ+2!? DcR>$JM` c cQ> DDcJ5$IcQK$ BcJ&c?R c [?R>c”$F $M R$c SQ?T$I$QQ c Qc
R>$c”J:G cJ&cR>$c >JQRc?IcR>$c !>?I$ c c>JK$cRJcKMJT$cR> Rc?Rc?Qc$IR?M$D_c , DQ$ c I”c-DQ$c
IJRc?Ic”$R ?Dc SRc?IcKN?I!?KD$ c Rc?QcIJRcG$M$D_c Ic QQ$G D 9$cJ&cK MR?!SD Mc G?QR B$Q c Rc?QcJI$c
?9cG?QR B$c I”c cG?QR B$cJ&c c QK$!? Dc B?I” c Rc?Q c I G$D^ c c ! R$9JM_ G?QR B$ c Rc M$KM$Q$IRQc
R>$c-!RQcJ&cG$IR DcD?&$c Qc?&cR>$_c $DJI9$”cRJcJI$cDJ$Ic R>$_c !RS DD^c $DJI9c RJc IJR>$M c >$c “J9G c ?Qc R>$M$3M$c c
K>?DJQJK>$M Qc H_R> c Ic RR$GKR?I9c RJc $]KDJ”$c R>$c G_R>c c Q> DDc KMJ D_c $c R B$Ic RJc $c
“$IaI9cY$DD BIJc -!RQc JSRc R>$cG$IR Dc D?&$c J&c >SG Ic $?I9Q c I”cG_c KD$ c R> Rc c ?Gc Rc
“J?I9c IJR>?I9c GJM$c R> Ic M$!R?7c R>$c DJ$c&?MQRcR?G$c?QcQ>JYIc cISG $McJ&c!JDD$9$Q c
D? M M?$Q cKD `?I9c&?$D”Q cGSQ$SGQ cQ!?$IR?&?!c”$K MRG$IRQc I”c “G?I?QRM R?V$cJ&&?!$Q c $cR>$Ic
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5I?V$MQ?R`c ?Ic Y>?!>c M$Q?”$c I”c YJMBc R>$c G$G $MQc J&c `JSMc 5I?V$MQ?R` c Rc > Qc R>$Ic RJc $c
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R>$?Mc !JJM”?I R?JIc ?Qc SI”$MQRJJ” c R>$c 5I?V$MQ?R`c > Qc $$Ic Q$$I c ?Qc G?QR B$c D `c ?Ic >?Qc
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Y>$Ic R>$c “?V?Q?JIc Y Qc 9J?I9c RJc KK$ M c $c YJSD”c $c QSKKJQ?I9c R> Rc c “?V?Q?JIc Y Qc c
!JSIR$MK MRc RJc R>$c SI?RQc DM$ “`c Q$$I c K MRD`c Q?G?D Mc RJc R>$Gc I”c K MRD`c SID?B$c R>$G c $c
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Q `Qc SRcR>$M$c?QcIJcJI$cD$&RcJIcR>$c&?$D”cRJc!JIRM? SR$cR>$c& GJSQc$D$G$IRcJ&cR$ G QK?M?R c c
Q$$cY>Jc”J$QcR>$c JYD?I9 cR>$c RR?I9c I”cR>$cY?!B$RB$$K?I9 c SRc c”JcIJRcQ$$cY>JQ$cMJD$c?Rc
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&JMcR>$cYMJI9cR`K$cJ&cR>?I9 c $ G QK?M?Rc?QcIJRc IJR>$Mc!M?!B$R?I9 JK$M R?JIcQSKKD$G$IR M`c
RJc DDc J&c R>$c JR>$Mc QK$!? Dc R QBQ c Rc ?Q c MJS9>D` c R>$c B$$II$QQc Y?R>c Y>?!>c $ !>c J&c R>$c QK$!? Dc
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$]>? ?R?I9cR$ GQK?M?Rc?QcIJRcR>$cQ G$cR>?I9c Qc JYD?I9cJMc! R!>?I9 c SRcIJMc?Qc?Rc cR>?M”cR>?I9c
QS!>cR> RcY$c! IcQ `cR> RcR>$c JYD$Mc&?MQRc JYDQc I”cR>$Ic$]>? ?RQcR$ G QK?M?RcJMcR> Rc c&?$D”$Mc
?Qc Rc c9?V$IcGJG$IRc$?R>$Mc! R!>?I9cJMc”?QKD `?I9c$QKM?Rc”$c!JMKQ
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