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After watching this week’s videos and reading portions of the UCSB Humanities and Fine Arts web site, please focus this week’s writing on the questions below.

Remember: the idea here is to think carefully about the question(s) you’ve chosen, but you don’t need to worry as much about producing a perfectly polished text. Your response paper should be about 1.5 pages.

Choose one of the following:

1. What’s one idea about the humanities and fine arts that you encountered in this week’s materials that you found intriguing or surprising? Why is it intriguing or surprising to you?

2. What’s one way that you express yourself creatively, and how is it connected to one or more of the ideas from this week’s videos and reading? How do the humanities at UCSB relate to the experiences that you have had so far in life and that you hope to have during your time at UCSB? Feel free to send extra writing, music, dance, art, digital expression, or other forms of media to Professor Zheng via email that help answer this question.

3. What are humanities and fine arts and why in this age of data and science are the humanities and fine arts more essential than ever?

Please make sure to cite readings and videos in answering these questions. When you refer to materials from the readings or videos, be sure to include a summary of the material to help us understand what you saw there.


Introduction to Writing from Prof. Adler-Kassner – WATCH THIS FIRST!

Why is writing important for everyone~


UCSB Division of Humanities and Fine Arts web site

: main page and at least 3 links from the page

Humanities and Fine Arts Majors

(information about majors in the Division of Humanities and Fine Arts) – read about at least two majors that seem interesting to you

Watch four of the following videos by:

Kate McDonald

– History

Hangping Xu

– East Asian Languages and Cultural Studies

John Lee

– History

Risa Brainen

– Theater and Dance

Christopher Pilafian

– Theater and Dance

Aaron Zimmerman

– Philosophy

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