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Scenario Two (Rosanna and the Contractors)
It’s 11:16 am on June 13, 2022.
EMCA’s in-house proofreader did an aggressive rush job on your instructions, and the Yard
Missiles are documented. According to Rick, they started production while you were still editing.
You’ve had a slightly uneasy feeling in your stomach all morning. Maybe it’s the weather.
Everyone in the building is getting new desktop computers this week. EMCA only has one IT
specialist, Rosanna, and she has hired three contractors to do the migration of data from the old
desktops to the new ones.
But she didn’t come in this morning. She’s seriously ill and it’s not known when she will return.
You’re not sure how the process of selecting you to cover for her worked, but Rick is asking you
to make sure the contractors finish the job, in addition to your other duties. “Keep an eye on
them, make sure they finish.”
Also, he adds, you need to write a progress report to him by Friday to let him know how far
along they are, as they’re being paid in installments based on their progress.
The contractors – Carlos, Evan, and Melinda – have requisitioned an empty office near
Rosanna’s to do their work. They seem competent and efficient enough. They discuss what data
needs to be transferred with each employee, take each desktop to the empty office, backup the
data, perform the transfer to the new machine, and then install the new machine in the relevant
location. The old desktops are stored in Rosanna’s office temporarily before being moved out of
the building for recycling with their wiped hard drives. You watch the whole process once, ask
clarifying questions, then talk with the first employees to receive their new machines. Everything
seems to be order. By Friday, they’ll be about two-thirds done with the building, slightly ahead
of schedule, with 43 machines migrated.
Something is off, though. You can’t quite put your finger on it, as if you’re getting a message
only through body language.
You glance out of Rosanna’s window and notice Evan and Melinda placing EMCA desktops in
the trunk of a van. Evan takes a desktop that was just placed in the van and moves it to another
car’s back seat. A high five is performed. Or a fist bump. It’s hard to tell from so far away.
You consider the possibility that Evan and Melinda are quietly siphoning off some of the older
desktops to sell them, which is not part of their contract – and if they are capable of that, then
they may also be capable of clandestinely making copies of the backups, which would contain all
kinds of personal and corporate data. You can’t consult Rosanna to see what she knows or
arranged. And you can’t keep an eye on them all day, as Rick’s already got you on more
Option A: Write the progress report, but don’t mention your suspicions.
• You don’t have any proof. This could be nothing and the contractors are completely
innocent and doing their jobs to the letter. And even if those two are up to something,
Carlos, the third, may not be.
• The desktops were going to be recycled anyway. This may be the cost of doing business.
Also, they’re third-party temps barely making a living wage; more power to them.
• Rick didn’t ask for you to investigate – just measure progress.
• The memo should be one single-spaced page that contains at least one representative
graphic visually showing the progress of the project. Don’t use a pie chart. A Gantt chart
or a simple bar chart would be appropriate.
Option B: Write the progress report (same parameters) but report your suspicions.
• Property theft is illegal. So is data theft.
• A few stolen desktops probably won’t hurt EMCA’s bottom line, but a confidential data
breach may, and there’s personal data, too.
• If you don’t raise the alert, you may be the fall guy, regardless of whether you suspected
something was going on.
• Managers can’t make good decisions without good information.
• Did Rosanna know anything about this?
• The memo should be one single-spaced page that contains at least one representative
graphic visually showing the progress of the project. Don’t use a pie chart. A Gantt chart
or a simple bar chart would be appropriate.
Option C: Choose another course of action, as long as it includes (but is not limited to)
writing a progress report for Rick.
• Another method of communication other than writing might be useful here as a
supplement – if it is well thought out.
Due Date: June 17, 2022, at midnight. Submit your documents on BB as a single .doc or .docx
I’ve included an example progress report of Option B. It is only to give you an idea of what this
progress report entails – it does not necessarily represent the best course of action or design and
makes a few mistakes.
Scenario Three will appear on BB on June 20, 2022, along with your grade for Scenario Two. As
before, the exact nature of Scenario Three will be different for each student depending on the
options that you chose in previous scenarios.
If you have any questions about this assignment, email me at duncanm@uhd.edu.

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