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Gender Affirming Communication
This assignment is worth 35% of your final grade.
Congratulations! You have just been hired as the Gender Affirming Communication Specialist
at a large and publicly prominent US organization. (The organization can also be multinational and/or employ or serve persons internationally. However, the breadth of this
assignment is limited to US employees and practices.)
For this final assignment, you will research, develop, and propose policies, language and
procedures that are inclusive and affirming of the wide spectrum of gender choices.
Objective: Develop Gender Affirming policies and practices that the organization can adopt.
The purpose of your role is to recommend the most Gender Affirming policies and practices
that the organization can choose to adopt.
The organization shall be unnamed, allowing you to select the type of organization for this
assignment. You might select an organization type that you are previously, currently, or
possibly aspire to be employed at. Possible examples include a major athletic organization, a
university, a US military entity (the entirety of the service or a portion of the service), a U.S.
government entity, a for-profit manufacturing, service, a non-profit foundation, or another
type of organization. The choice is yours!
Since gender communication is evolving, and you are possibly the first such Gender
Communication Specialist in the organization, you have been given a wide portfolio, and you
are a direct report to the Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Your role will be
to propose policies, language and procedures that are inclusive and affirming of the wide
spectrum of gender choices. Recall that while there can be a complex interaction of gender
with other identity markers such as sexuality, race, ethnicity, and class, your current portfolio
focuses on gender.
For models of such aspirational organizational communication, you might search: “UCLA
gender choices,” and search for other “best practices.”
The paper will be divided into several sections. Respond in an in-depth manner and include
references in American Psychological Association style. A typical response could include an
example of a worst practice and a contrasting best practice, and one or more references. Make
no mistake, this requires some web-based research of existing organizations and not just
personal opinions. You can expect to work for one hour on researching and composing an
answer, for each of the following choices. A minimum response for most of the following will
be ½ page, double-spaced, 12 pt. font. Type your name at the top of the first page.
1. Organizational Description
Provide a name for the organization, and a brief description of its history, mission, and assets.
The organization can be actual, or fictional.
2. Human Resources:
Job Description: Write your job description for Gender Communication Specialist. Detail the
specific aspects of the organization you will relate to.
Employment Application: What gender-related demographic information will future
applicants be asked to supply?
Do you want to view gender-based demographic examples?
See: Fenway Health Client Registration
Form https://fenwayhealth.org/care/medical/transgender-health/
(note that is form relates to health status, and not all information in this form would be
requested by an employer)
3. Benefits:
Salary Equity: Stated/affirmed?
Health Services: If offered, are they gender affirming?
Do you want to learn more about affirming health services?
See: UCLA Gender Health Program Fenway Health
Employee Assistance: If offered, are they gender affirming? If not offered, what types of
gender affirming services should be offered?
Health Leave: Are there specific health benefits supplied that are gender affirming?
Family Definitions: How does the organization define “family” and “marriage?” Are there
specific family leave benefits supplied that are gender affirming?
4. Gender Affirming Statement:
Supply a brief statement that affirms a commitment to diversity, inclusion, and gender
choices, and two such examples from your research.
5. Language:
Gender Affirming Personal Pronoun Use and Employee Choice of Name:
What is the recommended organizational policy?

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