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Watch the video ”

What if Everyone Ate Beans Instead of Beef (3:32)?


“, then write responses to the following questions:

What are your

initial thoughts

on the video above and on the topic of the impact of Animal Agriculture on Climate Change? (2 pts) Note that other alternatives could be used instead of beans. (50-100 words)

The video is from 2017 when the US was not in the Paris agreement – we are back in the Paris Agreement now.

There is a population crisis – but probably not the one you think. To help you develop your own understanding of the topic, perform a quick search of the internet for answers to A and B to calculate C (numbers may vary depending on which source you use). Also use the internet to find the answer for D. (2 pts)

How many people are there in the world? What does the average person weigh? Multiply the two numbers and get the total weight of people in the world ?

How many cows are there in the world? What does the average cow weigh? Multiply the two numbers and get the total weight of cows in the world?

Compare the total weight of cows in the world to the total weight of people in the world.

Where does the country you are from rank in consumption of beef?



the growing demand of dairy and beef, the cow population is predicted to grow significantly faster than the human population (Monbiot, G. 2015).


The Cowspiracy clip has an error at 5 min: “humans and the animals we own make up 98% of the Earth’s biomass (

should be 96%

of the Earth’s

Mammalian Biomass!

) and free animals only make up 2% (

should be 4%


Before watching the film clip, r

eview the questions below and create an outline for your answers.

It may be helpful to write down the time stamp (as you watch) when each


question is discussed, in case you need to review those parts again.

Fully respond to each question.


Cattle emit methane rather than CO2 when they respire because respiration is performed by bacteria that can decompose cellulose under the anaerobic conditions in the cow’s rumen where no oxygen is present. But this is not the only factor that makes the carbon footprint of cattle so high. Explain each of the following components for the high Carbon footprint from cattle.

Crop production and transportation of the feed (1 pt).

What percent of grain and legume crops are used for animal feed worldwide and in the US?

Water Consumption (2 pt):

Why does it take so much water to raise cattle?

Destruction of Rainforests (2 pt):

Rainforests are critical to removing carbon from the atmosphere. The burning of Amazon Rainforests by slash and burn agriculture to raise cattle and grow feed crops for cattle also


carbon to the atmosphere and is one of the most challenging issues of our time. What are your thoughts on this? (50-100 words)

Film Clip Review (5 pts):

After watching the film clip, what are your thoughts on Animal Agriculture and the related impacts on Climate Change?

Questions you could address include:

What are your thoughts on if or how humans could make changes as a result of this information?

Do you have any (individual or policy) ideas on how to get


people to limit their meat consumption?

What makes it challenging to convince people to limit their meat consumption? (i.e. individual, cultural, food availability reasons, nutrition, etc.)

There are no wrong answers. (100-200 words)

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