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Use SQLite Studio and the

Northwind database

(available on Canvas in Module 2) to answer the following questions. Keep a copy of the SQL queries that lead to your answers (maybe in MS word or a google doc).

The Northwind database includes information related to a company named Northwind Traders. The database captures sales transactions that occur between the Northwind and its customers, as well as purchase transactions between Northwind and its suppliers. A brief description of the tables contained in the database is as follows:


– product categories and their descriptions.


– buyers of Northwind products along with contact information.


– people who work for Northwind Traders, their titles, demographics, and contact info..


– territory each employee is responsible for.


– information about each order such as the customer who placed the order, employee who handled the order, order and shipment dates, which shipper made the shipment, etc.

IMPORTANT: Because “order” is a keyword in SQL, when you want to work with this table named “order”, you need to put square brackets around the table’s name

ie, SELECT * FROM order will notwork.

ie, SELECT * FROM [order] will work


– transaction details of each order such as products, unit price, and quantity, as well as any discount applied.


– the products Northwind Traders buys and sells, along with price, inventory level, and a flag to indicate if the product has been discontinued.


– region descriptions.


– companies who ship products from Northwind Traders to its customers, and the shippers’ contact info.


– companies who supply products to Northwind Traders and their contact info.


– territory descriptions and the region of each territory.

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