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To write a critical reflection around 400-600 words in length that comments on how this class has helped you practice “integrative learning”, where you’ve successfully applied what you’ve learned in this class to other contexts or disciplines. This reflection should also be used as a foundation for you to propose a topic of your choosing for the final paper.

Skills/knowledge practiced:

Textual analysis; close reading; writing with citations; use of textual evidence; developing argument; analysis of narrative techniques; cultural critique

Submission instructions:

Please submit your 400-600 word proposal to Blackboard as a Word .doc.


As stated in the “Purpose” section above, this proposal should serve both as a critical reflection of what skills/knowledge you’ve gained as a result of this class as well as an initial description of what you propose to write on for the final paper. As such, you should connect your motivations for writing on your selected topic to what you’ve learned in this class as a means of integrating our thematic focus on “globality.” You are free to choose


topic to write on, but the expectation is that you approach the topic critically. When selecting and proposing your topic, please keep in mind that for the final paper itself, you will need to write 1800-2000 words and include no fewer than 3 scholarly sources to supplement your analysis. For those who wish to write on

Signs Preceding the End of the World

, you may propose to write on it from any perspective you’d like, but please note that you will need to analyze no fewer than 3 passages of the novel as well in addition to the above requirements.

Your proposal should include some technical requirements as follows:

remarks that reflect on what you’ve learned in the class around the topic/concept of “globality”

a proposed topic for the final paper that is specific and manageable enough to adequately cover in 1800-2000 words

a description of why readers should care about your proposed topic or why it is significant

an account of provisional scholarly sources or disciplinary perspectives with which you hope to analyze your topic

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