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“The Impact of Leadership Styles in Change Management Strategy in Organizational
Week 4: Synthesis and Frameworks
“Why do we need frameworks in research?”
The purpose of frameworks is to clarify the relationship of concepts in order to
explain a theory (theoretical framework) or to justify the design of a scientific study
(conceptual framework). Frameworks provide a frame of reference that can be used
to explain or test the impact of changes, such as an increase or decrease in
behaviors, a presence or an absence of properties, or differences in characteristics
of study subjects.
Researchers frequently create visual models based on existing frameworks to
illustrate their approach to investigating topics of interest. These models contain
variables that represent the key concepts under investigation and how they are
related. The findings of the study allow the authors to either confirm or adjust these
models to predict outcomes given different conditions. For example, Jevtić et al.
(2018) constructed a framework that mapped the alignment between span of control,
accountability, and limitation with various elements of business data from their study
(see Figure 3, p. 47). Janićijević (2013) used a theoretical framework to illustrate the
mutual relationship between organizational culture and structure (see Figure 1, p.
43). Models like these are helpful in that they depict the relationship of distinctive
variables involved in measuring these concepts.
Learning Objectives
This week, you will:
Create applicable frameworks for the three projects
Evaluate literature related to projects
Synthesize research findings
Evaluate ethical perspectives in reviewed sources
Evaluate the impact on social change in reviewed sources
You will develop the following skills:
Critically reviews and evaluates the pertinent literature on a selected research focus
Develops basic conceptual frameworks
Visualizes data and concepts
Learning Resources
Note: To access this week’s library resources, please click on the link to the Course
Readings List, found in the Course Materials section of your Syllabus.
Recommended Readings
Butlett, A. (n.d.). Academic guides: Theoretical & conceptual frameworks:
Introduction to frameworks. Retrieved January 23, 2019, from
Janićijević, N. (2013). The mutual impact of organizational culture and structure.
Economic Annals, 58(198), 35–60. https://doi.org/10.2298/EKA1398035J
Jevtić, M., Jovanović, M., & Krivokapić, J. (2018). A new approach to measuring the
correlation of organizational alignment and performance. Management: Journal of
Sustainable Business and Management Solutions in Emerging Economies, 23(1),
41–52. https://doi.org/10.7595/management.fon.2017.0029
Continue to add information to the Excel book you downloaded in Week 2.
Discussion: Conceptual Frameworks
In this Discussion, you will share one example of a conceptual framework that is
used in one of the articles in your literature matrix. You will provide an evaluation of
the purpose of the framework and reflect on how it helps you better understand the
topic you are investigating and how the framework illustrates the study.
Day 3: Initial Post
Post the complete reference and link to a relevant article from the literature matrix for
your first project, which is due in Week 5. Evaluate the conceptual framework
presented in the article. Explain how this knowledge informs your knowledge of the
topic and the study and how it might inform your work for the project.
Day 5: Responses to Classmates
Reply to at least two of your classmates’ posts with a brief reflection on each
classmate’s initial post. Share the framework of one additional article that may help
each classmate in his or her inquiry. Include the complete reference and a link to the
article along with your evaluation of the stated questions in the article.
By way of this collaboration, you not only will support your classmates but also will
extend your own knowledge about additional topics that follow the themes of this
course, beyond the ones you are researching yourself.
Day 7: Reflection
Post a reflection on what surprised you, what you still need to understand about the
topic, and what you learned from your classmates.
Notes Applicable to All Posts
The topic in your selected classmates’ post must be different from the one you
selected yourself for your initial post.
Support all your posts by referring to at least one relevant article from a peerreviewed journal.
You must refer to articles that have not already been referenced by yourself, by any
of your peers, anywhere else in this course, or in any other course in your program.
Include proper APA citations and references, as well as links to all sources.
Please refer to this week’s hints for more detailed information.

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