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1. At what level in police, fire, or EMS training should emergency management be introduced? How critical is it to train new personnel in emergency management?

I believe emergency management training should be introduced as needed at every level of training for all units and departments. When “things” hit the fan or an emergency arises, statuses and titles are not exempt from being prepared. Everyone needs to be on their game and be able to respond appropriately. Communities first look to police, fire and ems services when an emergency situation arises, so if those departments aren’t prepared then neither will the communities be. Training is critical for new hires because they will now be part of those leadership services. You need to rely on responsible leadership in an emergency. The lowest levels of that leadership still need to have some type of formal training in order to be effective in an emergency. New hire employees need to have emergency training because it is often required to acquire the positions they are taking on. Every level needs to be prepared,

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This week’s topic is discussing emergency management training. Training first and foremost is one of the most important factors in emergency management that can determine the amount of time spent on assessment and recovery in any emergency situation. Training and practice will develop skills necessary in handling these situations, without the proper preparation lives can be lost in a matter of seconds. Coming from the military and corrections, if you don’t train like it’s the real deal you will die or lose those beside you. Police, fire, and EMS should train in emergency management from the start of their career most times this occurs in the academies and probationary period in these careers. These skills should be polished annually to keep all information fresh in mind. These training should be done quarterly but with these career fields it can be difficult due to strenuous conditions. Emergency management should be introduced to all those in the workforce and those who are students in all level of education, we all practice fire, earthquake, tornado, and hurricane drills throughout our time in school. This is one step of practicing emergency management but these drills should be more in-depth and take in consideration of all aspects of emergency management.

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