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The Dubai Digital Authority’s (DDA) mission is to accelerate Dubai’s smart and digital
transformation by offering high-quality digital services to both citizens and businesses while
upholding the highest cyber security requirements (UAE-Gov-Portal, 2021). DDA has
introduces DubaiNow in 2015, it has embodied ‘customer centricity ’concept , which show
government and private sector collaborate to demonstrate a single streamlined digital
platform (Tariq Alfaham, 2021). This paper aims to identify DubaiNow innovative application,
analyze the delivered value to the customer and the revenue generating mechanism and
address the business model.
DubaiNow is an example of the Dubai’s vision to foster innovation as the key driver of
development and enhance its future readiness. By end of 2021, the App has processed 7
million transactions worth AED4 billion in just 2 years.
DubaiNow application is a good example of innovation as it collaborating more than 30
government and private entities who cooperated to offer top-quality city seamless services
for Dubai’s residents, providing access to more than of 130 services in single platform.
One-click access to over 100 services in more than 30 governmental and private sector
institutions in Dubai. Associate in paying bills, settling traffic fines, top up Salik and Nol,
proceed with car registration. The application allows users to save time and effort.
Moreover, it authorize them to track all the bills required monthly (Home | DubaiNow,
2020). (DubaiNow, 2020)
The revenue generating mechanism is a bit different for government applications like
DubaiNow. It is good to mention that DDA does net charge Dubai Governments any fees when
adding a new service. However, the first revenue generating mechanism is by charging the
private companies a one-time fee to add their service to the app. An example of that is when
the DubaiNow team charged ENOC or Empower to add some of their services (WAM, 2018).
Also, DDA can make revenue by charging the customers some service charges when
conducting certain transactions like paying the bill or the fines. DDA also gets a percent of
the transaction amount as a commission between the users and the entity.
Dubai Now is a government transaction app that allows you to simply and securely access
more than 115 government and commercial sector services from more than 34 different
institutions. Its profits have more than doubled in recent years as a result of betraying
people’s confidence. Furthermore, the app received a benchmark from the most recent
Gartner IT / Xpo 2021 Symposium on Innovation and Sustainability, establishing a global,
rather than just a local, reputation in the industry (Dubai now ,2021) .
Conclusion and Recommendation
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