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Assignment: Operational Risk Assessment
(Assignment Instructions)
Assignment Guidance:
Attached at the bottom of this file is information to help write the paper. It consists of
information which coincides with the required deliverables for the assignment.
Formatting: Use the 7th edition APA template which I have attached to the question posting and use
proper in-text citation. (Please find and use at least three credible references).
The paper must consist of seven pages of text.
References: (Please find and use at least three credible references).
Do Not: Overly use in-text citation or create lots of small paragraphs to take up space on the paper.
The paper must look respectable and academic.
Assignment Description:
The paper must begin with a clear value proposition.
Business Proposal
You are an independent consultant who specializes in risk management and loss prevention.
The management of PK Village Stores LLC has requested a proposal from you for the
completion of a Comprehensive Risk Assessment on the entire company’s operation.
To demonstrate your approach to risk management, you have decided to include a “free
sample” in your proposal, consisting on the assessment of three possible risk areas derived
from the knowledge you have on the company’s operating model.
Assignment Requirements:
Consulting Proposal to be presented to the management of PK Village Stores LLC to prepare a
Risk Assessment of their existing operations.
The proposal must contain the following elements:
Identification and description of three potential risks that may cause extended
disruption in the company’s operations, along with the corresponding
characterization in terms of likelihood and severity.
Description of three possible mitigation measures for each of the risks identified
above that, if implemented, could reduce their exposure (likelihood) and/or impact
Explanation of the process you would follow to identify and assess risks and propose
mitigation measures, should your proposal be the one selected for the
comprehensive assessment project.
Description of the final risk assessment report deliverables (major table of contents
items), should you be the chosen consultant.
Useful tips:
Search the web for risk assessment frameworks
Search the web for consulting proposals
Search the web for business continuity planning
Search for articles on supply chain disruptions

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