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Visual information is the key in making social networking so popular.  From digital cameras to smart phones, taking pictures has become an  everyday experience for most of us. Write just a sentence or two about:

How often do you take pictures?

What device do you usually use to take them?

How much attention do you devote to composition, lighting or arrangement in your pictures?

How do you use the images?

How do you think you can improve your photos?

Prompt 2 – Creating Art: Staged Reality Photograph

Create a photograph based on the concept of Staged Reality

You can use a smart phone, tablet, computer, or camera to take the photo

Written statement, a few sentences about your intention, what is the story of your Staged Reality Photograph

We’ve all snapped selfies or quickly snapped a photo of  something going on around us, now I want you to take the time to set the  scene and purposefully try to communicate an idea through your photo! As you read in the module,

Staged Reality

photographs can imply a powerful narrative through just one image. I would like you to think about a story or  idea that is meaningful to you and create a

staged reality

photograph depicting your story or idea!

Developing your narrative:

I know this is a wide open prompt, take some time to ponder what you  want to communicate via a photo. Is it an emotion? A surreal sense of  space? A dream? An answer to a question? A hope? A hidden reality? What  is the narrative you want to create? Be purposeful.

Set the Scene for your narrative, it’s not about quickly snapping a photo:

Think about the composition, sketching it out could help!

Decide on where the focus will be

Set the lighting

Is there a sense of perspective

What is the scale

From what vantage point are you photographing (birds eye, worms eye, up close, far away?)

You can use anything at your disposal: furniture, create a small diorama, objects, natural materials (leaves, plants)…

Take multiple photos until you get exactly what you want!

What is the color balance of your Staged Reality Photograph:

You can adjust / manipulate your photo on the device you use to photograph it

Is your Staged Reality photograph in color or black/white or sepia or…?

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