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For this assessment, creativity is required, and it shall accumulate to
20% of your grade. Create a Poster design that shows the ethical issues
affecting the world in the modern day. So far, we have addressed ethical
philosophies and even looked at case studies addressing ethical, legal
and integrity issues. However, for this assessment, the focus is on the
identification of the prevalent issues. Therefore, the ethical issues raised
should be those agreeable to a huge societal audience, considering that
the layout would not include references or citations. Be careful with
your selection to avoid controversial issues such as abortion, gun
ownership etc.
Key elements to consider:
• Indication of at least 2 ethical issues
• The issues must be unethical
• Include images to illustrate these issues
• Images should be decent
• Avoid excessive word use
• Clear and direct points
• Correct grammar:
Factors to Consider:
• Determine your poster format
• Brainstorm the Content
• Pick a suitable Template
• Use color to grab attention
• Choose graphics and typography
• Clean up any clutter.
Good Luck!!
Making A Poster: Poster rubric
Student Name _______________________________ Class Period:________________________________
The poster includes all
required elements as
well as additional
All required elements
are included on the
All but 1 of the required Several required
elements are included elements were missing.
on the poster.
All items of importance Almost all items of
on the poster are clearly importance on the
labeled with labels that poster are clearly
can be read from at
labeled with labels that
least 2 feet away.
can be read from at
least 2 feet away.
Many items of
importance on the
poster are clearly
labeled with labels that
can be read from at
least 3 feet away.
Graphics Relevance
All graphics are related Some graphics are
to the topic and make it related to the topic and
easier to understand.
most make it easier to
A few graphics relate to Graphics do not relate
the topic.
to the topic.
Attractiveness The poster is
exceptionally attractive
in terms of design,
layout, and neatness.
The poster is attractive
in terms of design,
layout, and neatness.
The poster is
acceptably attractive
though it may be a bit
Labels are too small to
view OR no important
items were labeled.
The poster is
distractingly messy or
very poorly designed. It
is not attractive.
There are no
There are 1-2
There are 3-4
There are more than 4
grammatical/mechanical grammatical/mechanical grammatical/mechanical grammatical/mechanical
mistakes on the poster. mistakes on the poster. mistakes on the poster. mistakes on the poster

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