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Economic Paper (75pts)
This paper will involve the examination of the foundations of classic and
contemporary economic schools of thought and will require the student to
conceptualize the effects that current events/issues might have on economic
conditions, consumer perceptions, organizational structure, etc.
Obviously, this paper will be, to some extent, set in the economic realm, but it
does not need to be an “economic paper.” In thinking about Granovetter and
Swedberg’s (2001/11) introduction, you were introduced to some basic principles
of “Economic Sociology.” They are:
Economic action is a form of social action
Economic action is socially situated or embedded
Economic institutions are social constructions
Your job as a fresh mind in the realm of marketing, economics, and popular
culture will be to highlight one of these broad doctrines, applying it to any area of
culture, organizations, economics, politics, etc., as you see fit.
This will require you to find an area of interest and describe the social economics
of it. For example, you might addresses social stratification on the national and
global level (using sources such as Marx or Weber). Or you could discuss the
social economics of the concept of marriage. You could even write a fictional
piece that expresses your thoughts on some topic in this realm (This may sound
new, but it has been done before).
I am not going to require a particular number of references (you may not want to
use any if you take a story approach). But please do your research and dig
deep. This is supposed to be an analysis paper. Spend some time thinking
about how you will approach this, what is worthy of note in the economic or social
economic field, what is YOUR best idea, what you need to include in the paper,
how to make your thoughts pervasive, and how to make this paper a “good read.”
While no specified number of references is required, you do need to have a
minimum of eight pages (12 point font (Times Roman or Arial), double-spaced,
one-inch margins L/R). Your title page(s) and references do not count into the
eight page figure. So feel free to include illustrations, photos, tables, figures,
etc., as you see fit with your paper.
Good Luck!

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