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flynas low cost Airlines in Saudi Arabia I wanna u write about it.5 pages minimum

I want you to follow the instructions for the paper is the same for the presentations that already i did I uploaded the presentation. But The only things that you can take from the presentation it’s a interview you can use it Literally other than that you can use some of the thing from the presentation or outline and some ideas please. Do research about flynas airlines and follow the instructions I want you to include everything and don’t forget the pandemic recovery also I uploade Friend of mine paper He wrote Sadia Airlines you can get outlook but didn’t use it because different airlines.

5 pages minimum

The instruction:

The content of the presentation and paper should include, (but not limited to), the following:

Airline Mission and Vision Statement,

Corporate Structure,

Fleet makeup and future aircraft plans,

Route structure and crew bases,

Stock price, revenue numbers and debt (hint: last quarterly statement),

Pilot numbers, pilot retirement projection, seniority projection, and upgrade potential,

Labor-management relations,

Pandemic recovery outlook,

An interview with an active pilot (virtual)

An interview with a non-pilot employee (virtual)

Would this airline be a good place to work? If yes, why? If no, why not?

Guidance for Papers

Papers will be double spaced, format with 1-inch margins all around.

ARIAL size, 11 font.

The centered header should appear in one line at the top of each page reading:

Your name, Course Title, Semester – “Title of paper.”

The cover page should include your name, course title, the semester, and the title of your paper.

Indent at the start of each paragraph.

Do not skip an extra line between paragraphs.

If you refer to specific in your paper, you should reference them per APA accepted format.

All sources, including accident reports, cockpit voice recordings, and articles must be properly cited.

When given the length of paper instructions, please note this is an equal or greater requirement. For example, a required 3-page paper is a minimum of 3 pages.

All papers must be grammatically correct with correct spelling. Please note that your computer’s program is a good place to START! PLEASE reread your paper and catch mistakes. Spellcheck does not catch a correctly spelled word misplaced in a sentence!

Errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, and incomplete sentences will be graded harshly as will failure to follow the format and length of paper instructions. A good aid for grammar and spelling is Grammarly. There are 2 versions available: select the free version. It is a wonderful aid for any writing assignment.


Fawaz Almutairi
Mohammed ALmasary
Mousa Masshi
Flynas, initially known as Nas Air, is
a Saudi Arabian international and
domestic low-cost airline based in
Vision is “to become the leading
aviation business in Saudi Arabia
and the Middle East”
Mission is two-fold and consists of
becoming the provider of choice
for all passengers and becoming
the preferred employer in the
aviation business.
Flynas was founded in 2007 as Nas Air but changed its name in
National Airline Services Holding owns the company in its majority
while Kingdom holds the remaining bit.
The company’s CEO, Bander Almohanna, has been at the helm
since 2015.
Flynas’ current fleet is exclusively made up of 30 Airbus 320
aircrafts with Economy and Premium Class configurations.
The company took advantage of Airbus’ single-aisle product
line to become a leader in short-to-medium travel routes
The company took its first A320neo in November 2018, with
more deliveries to roll out until 2026
Flynas serves over 20 destinations worldwide. International flight routes include flights to Egypt,
Sudan, Pakistan, Lebanon, Turkey, the UAE, and Kuwait.
The company rrecently announced ten new destinations to depart from Qassim, Dammam,
Jeddah, and Riyadh for Summer 2020.
Latest destinations to include Vienna, Salzburg, Salalah, Sharm El Sheikh, Baku, and Sarajevo.
Crew bases for Flynas are the King Fahd, King Khalid, and King Abdulaziz International Airports.
Flynas, formerly Nas Air, is growing into a hybrid airline company and
intends to become the first airline listed on the Saudi Stock Exchange
The Saudi Arabian budget airline company has more than 1,000
employees in all of its locations.
Close to 7.6 million passengers were transported by the airline in 2019.
The company currently does not post any information regarding the number of
pilots it has on its roster.
The airline has current plans underway to be the first Saudi carrier to employ
female pilots.
The company is still in its growth phase and is looking to hire more pilots to help
in its expansion.
Employees and those in senior positions in Flynas relate well.
The relationship is fair and promotes individual interests and
Employees are allowed to form worker committees.
Ahmed Alkhaldi
1. How has the experience working at Flynas been so far?
The company has been an excellent employer ever since I first walked into their
offices to begin my job. Flynas has been with me through my learning journey and has
helped me grow into the confident pilot.
2. What is your least favorite thing about the company?
I will have to say the company still needs to improve its hiring policies and improve the
pilot training program.
3. What’s your most memorable flight as a Flynas pilot?
My most memorable flight has to be from Riyadh to Jeddah during the Hajj. Every
year, thousands of Muslim pilgrims head to Mecca for the annual pilgrimage, and it is
always a joy flying these passengers to the holy destination.
Asrar Moshaya
Cabin Crew Interview
1. What is your job?
Acting Guest Services Supervisor.
• Briefing the employees before commencing their duty.
• Allocate the employees to cover all stations needed for departure and arrival
as we are self handling • Check the book load and uplift the catering if needed.
• Open blocked seats according to the need of the flights.
• Check the parking for the aircraft and the movement of the arrival and departure flights.
2. How is the work environment?
the communications and teamwork are good, but it needs improvement to make it excellent.
What do you like the most about your job?
there is no routine, every day is a new challenge to us, I deal with
different passengers in each flight. I like meeting travelers from
around the world; I learn new things about their culture, and
What do you dislike about your job?
I hope in the future the mangers and supervisors become strict with
negligent employees as per the company policies.
This airline would be an excellent place to work
Its equal treatment of employees, fair compensation,
and the platform it provides for employees to grow
personally and career-wise.
Also, the airline is focused on promoting gender
About Flynas. flynas.com. (2020). Retrieved 8 November 2020, from
Citigroup hired to advise on FlyNas’ planned IPO. Arabian Business. (2018).
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Dron, A. (2020). Flynas to extend reach in 2020. Routesonline. Retrieved 8
November 2020, from https://www.routesonline.com/news/29/breakingnews/288871/flynas-to-extend-reach-in-2020-/.
flynas carries 7.6 Million Passengers in 2019 with 15% Increase. flynas.com.
(2020). Retrieved 8 November 2020, from https://www.flynas.com/en/mediacenter/news-updates/flynas-transports-in-2019.
Saudi Arabian Airlines (Saudia)
Mohammed Absi
Saudia airlines is the national flag carrier of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and is one of
the largest airlines in the middle east. Saudia is a SKYTEAM alliance member since 2012 among
20 member airlines. In 2017, Saudia earned the title of the world’s most improved airline of 2017
by Skytrax. (Al-Maeena, 2019) the reason for the company’s success in recent years can be
attributed to the company’s strategic plan SV2020 and with the assignment of a new CEO in
2014, Saleh Aljasser who lead the company through a dramatic transformation (Al-Maeena,
2019). according to Saudia’s website, they offer flights to over 95 destinations and more than 34
million passengers fly with them every year. The airline has three hubs: Jeddah, Riyadh, and
Dammam. The primary hub is in King Abdulaziz International Airport in Jeddah. It has its
housing complex which was called “ Saudia city” for its employees at Jeddah, and it has a
medical center that is used for employees and airmen medical examination, as well as treating
Saudia started with only one DC-3 aircraft which was given to the king of Saudi Arabia
as a gift from the president of the united states Franklin Roosevelt in 1945. Saudi Arabian
Airlines was formed in 1946 as a government agency under the Saudi ministry of defense and
aviation (Saudi Arabian Airlines History, n.d.). The management and technical services for Saudi
Arabian Airlines in the 1950s by the American company Trans World Airlines (TWA). The
airline underwent a fleet expansion to meet the great demand for Islamic pilgrims willing to
travel to the two holy mosques in Saudi Arabia, and to serve the country domestically because, in
its early days, Saudi Arabia did not have many paved roads connecting the scattered and remote
towns and air travel was the fastest and more efficient way to connect them (Saudi Arabian
Airlines History, n.d.). In 1963, Saudi Arabia Airlines became an independent commercial
company with its own board of directors under the decree issued by King Faisal. In 1967, it
became a member of the international air transport association (IATA) and started its first
European flights. In 1979, the airline opened the $40 million Flight Training Center in Jeddah
equipped with the latest flight training equipment at that time. In the 1990s after the Iraqi
invasion of Kuwait caused great disruptions in the airspace, Saudia flights to Iraq and Kuwait
were stopped, and the airspace and its bases in Jeddah, Riyadh, and Dhahran were used as
military bases and the airspace military use became a priority (Saudi Arabian Airlines History,
n.d.). The financial impact of the war had forced the airline to freeze its plan to modernize its
fleet with operating losses of 163.5 million in 1990 (Saudi Arabian Airlines History, n.d.).
Saudia has been studying the plan of privatizing the airline since the year 2000, but the company
did not get the permission until 2007 when the council of ministers gave it the go-ahead to
convert its strategic units into companies (Saudi cabinet okays Saudi Arabian Airlines
privatisation, 2007). The privatization plan, the airline will be transformed into a holding
company with subsidiaries running its other operations like catering division, air cargo division,
ground service division (Saudi cabinet okays Saudi Arabian Airlines privatisation, 2007).
The strategic plan SV2020 of Saudia airlines was developed in 2015 which aims to make
Saudia one of the best airlines in the world that give maximum care to passengers and work
customer satisfaction. The plan includes (GHAFOUR, 2015). The plan aims at doubling what it
has achieved in 70 years during only seven years. It was planning to achieve this by expanding
its fleet to 200 aircraft in 2020, increase its capacity, add more international destinations, as well
as increase the number of passengers carried by the airline by improving the customer service
and experience. («2017 ،»‫ نساهم في تحقيق الرؤية ونتبنى «التحول الوطني‬:»‫ )الخطوط السعودية‬according to
the center for aviation, “In 2018 Saudia captured almost 40% of Saudi Arabia’s international
market –both in the scheduled and the non-scheduled religious pilgrimage segments – and the
group’s domestic share increased to around 75%, ending several years of declines” (Saudia:
transformation and dual brand strategy drive rapid growth, 2018). Saudia has accelerated its
international growth at the parent service brand and has been using its subsidiary Flyadeal to
accelerate growth in the domestic market (Saudia: transformation and dual brand strategy drive
rapid growth, 2018).
Saudia fleet consists of 143 aircraft. This includes 46 Airbus A320-214, 15 Airbus A321,
32 Airbus A330-343, 33 Boeing B777-368ER, and 14 Boeing B787. Saudia has increased its
aircraft order from 35 to 100 A320-neo, including 35 of them are options. 15 out of the 65
A320neo order are 15 A321XLRs (SAUDIA boosts A320neo fleet to 100 aircraft, 2019). Saudia
Airlines operates one of the modern fleets with an average aircraft age of less than five years
(SAUDIA boosts A320neo fleet to 100 aircraft, 2019). Furthermore, the airline introduced new
products and services onboard, added more features on its mobile app and website for customers
(SAUDIA boosts A320neo fleet to 100 aircraft, 2019). According to ATWOnline, the airline is
looking into adding the Airbus A350 and order additional Boeing 787 Dreamliners to meet their
future requirements. Although there have been some rumors about the company purchasing the
new B777x, Saudia mentioned that it had no intention to acquire the 777X (HILSZ-LOTHIAN,
Saudia airlines have been sending its pilots to the united states to get their licenses for a
long time, but in 2015 it started a new program under its SV2020 plan with the saudi ministry of
education to send 5,000 students to study aviation science and get their licenses during a period
of five years («2017 ,»‫ نساهم في تحقيق الرؤية ونتبنى «التحول الوطني‬:»‫)الخطوط السعودية‬. According to
Okaz, a new first officer gets a monthly salary of 17,600 riyals, 600 riyals for transportation
allowance, housing allowance of 35,000 riyals, and health insurance and free tickets for the
employee and his or her family member (17600 2013 ,‫)راتب مساعد طيار في الخطوط السعودية‬.
I did my first interview with Mutlaq aljamjoum, a first officer with Saudia. The reason I
chose to interview with him is that he was a student on a similar but older program. He has
almost two years of experience with Saudia.
How is your experience as a first officer with saudia so far?
It was hard at first when I started with Saudia airlines because I wasn’t used to the lifestyle. plus,
senior pilots get to choose their schedules before the new pilots. so, this leaves newly-hired pilots
with fewer schedule choices. (aljamjoum, personal communication, 2020)
How long did you have to wait until you started the type rating training?
I had to wait for almost two years before I got to start my type-rating training and prince sultan
flight academy did not have the capacity to handle the large number of pilots going through
training which led to delays during training. But I know some friends who graduated after me
were sent to Miami within five months to do the type-rating. But once I finished training and was
assigned at Jeddah, everything is going well, and the operations are smooth (aljamjoum, personal
communication, 2020).
Would you recommend anyone to work at Saudia or do you think that the other airlines
are better?
I never worked for other airlines but I believe Saudia airlines is the best airline in Saudi Arabia
because it has a more diverse fleet than the other airlines in Saudi Arabia and I get to fly other
aircraft in the future like the 777 or the 787 which other airlines in Saudi Arabia don’t
have(aljamjoum, personal communication, 2020).
My second interview is with Salman alfarhan, who works in the human resources at
Saudia in Jeddah. He has been working there since 2013.
How is the work environment at Saudia?
Overall, our relationship with our managers is great. I rarely have a complaint about work. The
management has improved a lot in the recent years, and it is better than before (Alfarhan,
personal communication, 2020).
What do you like about Saudia?
I get a good salary and other benefits that I wouldn’t get in any other job. I get free tickets, a
50% discount at 5-star hotels, cargo discounts, and reduced costs on other airlines. I don’t think
that I would get that much of benefits at any other company in Saudi Arabia (Alfarhan, personal
communication, 2020).
In conclusion, I think that working with Saudia airlines is the best option for me.
Although I have no choice in the first five years other than working with Saudia, I still think that
staying with Saudia is better than going to other airlines. I think with Saudia being the oldest
and largest airline in Saudi Arabia which has 143 aircraft and still getting more aircraft is still
growing and has potential for pilots. Also, Saudia has more destinations than any other airline in
Saudi Arabia which gives pilots room to Grow. The company also has a good salary and
benefits for its employees.
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Alfarhan, S. (2020, November 8). (M. Absi, Interviewer)
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Saudia: transformation and dual brand strategy drive rapid growth. (2018, December 26).
Retrieved from CAPA: https://centreforaviation.com/analysis/reports/saudiatransformation-and-dual-brand-strategy-drive-rapid-growth-453549

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