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The purpose of this project is to remodel Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

Address: 6000 N Terminal Pkwy, Atlanta, GA 30320


Project Document: (I will provide an example of the project document, please follow the same format)

– Site analysis: description of climate, local demographic information, neighborhood context, and other relevant site information / map showing project site context, compass direction, adjacent buildings, natural features or topography, views, potential sources for noise or odors.

– End User Profile: describe who is envisioned to be using the facility including occupants and visitors.

Project Goals:
The mission of Netflix is promising customers stellar service, suppliers a valuable partner,
investors the prospect of sustained profitable growth, and the employees the allure of huge impact
through entertaining the world, and the vision statement is to be the best global entertainment
distribution service. The company’s mission is to grow the membership business across the globe
within the parameters of operating margins. The company focuses on improving the experience by
expanding its content, focusing on a programming mix that delights the existing members and
attracts new members. Furthermore, due to the great development that the whole country is
experiencing that made international production companies to shoot some of their films there,
Netflix decided to establish its first headquarter in the middle east, specifically in Dubai, United
Arab Emirates.
Netflix Company has values that guide their workers in performing their duties and living
according to the company culture. The company’s core values comprise communication, courage,
passion, curiosity, judgment, innovation, integrity, inclusion, selflessness, and impact. The values
are key in the smooth running of the company operations since they make all stakeholders remain
focused on its major goals.
Netflix Company has been established in numerous department that guides its operations through
performing various roles independently. The departments are business development,
communications, safety and security, creative marketing production, customer service
administration, data science and engineering, design, facilities workplace services, finance, human
resource, legal, marketing, and Netflix technology services. Various services, systems furniture,
infrastructure, and amenities will be modified to ensure the company attains its desired goals. The
changes triggered by the pandemic will be widely considered in the changes.
Location & Site Analysis:
Located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The site is located at Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid
Blvd – Downtown Dubai – Dubai – United Arab Emirates.
Dubai community has a population consisting of:
• Median age: 35.6 years
•Race and ethnicity: Emirati (11.6%), 59.4% (includes Indian 38.2%, Bangladeshi 9.5%,
Pakistani 9.4%, other 2.3%), Egyptian (10.2%), Filipino (6.1%), other (12.8%).
•Population size: 3 million
•Median income: $70,236
Dubai of movement, dynamism, and prosperous Middle East
The site is secure and located in downtown Dubai. Multiple hotels like Taj Dubai, Address
Downtown, Sofitel Dubai Downtown, Leva Hotel, Vida Downtown, Manazil Downtown, Address
Dubai Mall, Address Fountain Views, Damac Maison Mall Street, and Hotel Indigo Dubai
Downtown, an IHG. There are also many important places in the area that are also within walking
distance like the tallest tower in the world “Burj Khalifa”, and The Dubai Fountain, The Dubai
Mall, Dubai Ice Rink, Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo, Dubai Opera, and Dubai Mall Metro.
Furthermore, there are multiple restaurants like Bab Al-Mansour, Karak House, Public, Albaik, and
The neighborhood is rich in beautiful sceneries, making the site a friendly location. The
surroundings offer joggers, scooters, and skaters recreational opportunities. Establishing the first
headquarter in the middle east that overlooks the downtown Dubai will improve the employees’
wellbeing, thus making them more productive, creative, innovative, and less likely to leave for a
The Netflix company site is beneficial to the local community since it will provide a favorable
environment for the employees and create job opportunities for the locals and international. In
addition, the site also provides a conducive environment for the company’s operations towards the
achievement of the company goals.
The length of the day in the site location varies significantly over the year, with the longest
daylight having 13 hours, 42 minutes and 46 seconds, and the shortest with 10 hours, 48 minutes.
Dubai is protected by numerous laws that prohibit noise, making the environment conducive and
friendly for the organization to conduct its operations. The site has no source of the noise. There
are many ways to get around in Dubai. Public transportation is accessible from highways. There
are public buses, metro, taxis, uber, and elite ground transportation. The numerous public
transportation means make the place accessible. The site has public routes that allow public
vehicles to be accessible.
The area has social amenities such as hotels, restaurants, recreational facilities, tourist attraction
sites, and other amenities that make the place beautiful and great exposure for the residents and
visitors. The new Netflix site offers a mixed-user community since it accommodates electric car
charging stations, bike storage, plenty of workspaces, a vehicle drop-off with a streetside lobby.
The site is located in a pretty safe area, where the site is surrounded by many buildings and
skyscrapers, the most important of which is the tallest building tower in the world “Burj Khalifa”.
In addition to the view of the Dubai Fountain, where it is magical and drizzling with some music,
especially in the evening. On the contrary, the site lacks some trees, and that could cause some
noise due to the wind, but the presence of many skyscrapers surrounding the site may prevent that.
• The sun travels from the east to the west along the south side of the building.
• The best views are looking towards the Burj Khalifa and Dubai Fountain.
• The street that runs in front of the site, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd is the main street that
leads to the downtown area and has the most foot traffic and vehicle traffic. The east side of the
building is the quietest part.
• The climate in Dubai is favorable for the site during winter season which runs from October to
March the weather is moderate and pleasant. The temperature of the area varies from 54°F to 77°F.
• Summer starts in late May and lasts till September in Dubai. The weather is hot and the
temperatures reaching 113 °F. The humidity is very high averaging over 90%.
End-User Profile:
The changes in the design will mostly affect the staff since they are the ones who use the quarters
frequently. All the areas in the office will be accessible and incorporate a universal design that will
accommodate different people ranging from 23 years and up. The end-user will need to
communicate while others will require privacy thus will be incorporated in the design. Since the
organization deals with services that require the internet, the design will incorporate technology
considerations to ensure it meets the needs of the end-users.
Departments and Employees
• Receptionist (Reception Area)
• CEO (Executive Officer)
• Talent (HR Office)
• Finance (Private office)
• Product (Open Plan Office)
• Content (Open Plan Office)
• Communications (Open Plan Office)
At Netflix’s Headquarters, all the main business executives directly report to the CEO. That
means, each department has an executive director who communicate with the CEO directly. The
Content teams are responsible for strategically sourcing and identifying additional programming
opportunities and partnerships with external content teams to help deliver diverse content for our
audiences around the globe. The human resources in Netflix headquarter called “Talent”. The
Product Management team is responsible for anything a non-member or member touches when
they come to the service. The Communications team at Netflix is responsible for telling the
broader Netflix story, inclusive of the product, partnerships, policy issues, culture, executives and
issues management.
Typical visitors:
The company expects to have visitors who will require services from the company.
• Artists
• Suppliers
• Food distributors
• Journalists
Site Analysis:
About 20 miles from downtown Los Angeles, Long Beach is a Gateway Cities community. The Port of
Long Beach is one of the world’s major shipping ports and the second busiest container port in the United
States. Onshore and offshore oil wells may be found in the vicinity of the city. The site is located at 180 E
Ocean Blvd, Long Beach, CA 90802.
The community’s population consists of:
• Median Age: 57.5 years
• Race & Ethnicity: White (52.3.2%) Non-Hispanic (28.4%) Black American (11.3%) Hispanic
(43.2%), Asian (11.8%)
• Population Size: 462,257 people
• Median Income: $52,711, 20.2% of the residents live in poverty
• Household Types: own (39.2%) rent (60.8%)
• Average Household Size: 3.55
Alamitos Beach is one of the more well-known.Parking is available right on the beach. Tequila Jack’s
Restaurant and Cantina: Sit on the terrace and take in the stunning ocean views while enjoying delicious
bar fare and a wide selection of refreshing beverages. Multiple
restaurants like Bo-beau kitchen +roof tap, Bubba Gump Shrimp Co, and Parkers’ Lighthouse. There are
also many hotels like Hyatt Regency Long Beach, The Westin Long Beach, Hilton Long Beach, and
Courtyard by Marriott Long Beach Downtown.
Figure 1.
The city of Long Beach, which has risen to the status of one of the state’s most desirable enclaves, boasts
a diverse range of communities. The Downtown Long Beach is an excellent illustration of this. Those
who choose to live in Long Beach may expect a combination of urban and suburban amenities, since the
neighborhood is home to several parks, eateries, hotels, bars, coffee shops, and other small businesses.
Downtown Long Beach is considered one of the city’s most convenient areas to reside because of its
proximity to several local conveniences. In order to get to downtown Long Beach, citizens may either use
the city’s public transit system or simply use one of the major roads in the area. Downtown Long Beach is
one of the safest cities , is a great area to raise a family because there is almost no crime there. Long
Beach attracts couples, young professionals, families, and seniors alike. Residential properties in this area
have retained their image as the “upscale neighborhood” of Long Beach. It’s easy to fall in love with this
tranquil and quiet community, which features tree-lined avenues and huge, magnificent houses.
The site being located in a secure area surrounded by several structures, the Breakers Hotel is the most
notable. There’s also the view of the surrounding area, which, especially at night, has a lovely moon. In
fact, the absence of trees on the property might result in some wind noise, but the nearby skyscrapers may
be able to dampen the effect.
Figure 2.
• The sun travels from the east to the west along the south side of the building. Most of the sun exposure
will be on the south side, with indirect sunlight on the north side. Figure 2.
• The best views are looking towards the Seaside Ave to watch and listen to the live musicians playing
right outside and to enjoy the view of the large trees or walking across the street to the cafe to view The
Coast Hotel.
• The street that runs right in front of the site, E Ocean Blvd, has the most foot traffic and vehicle traffic
so it will have the most noise. The south side of the building is the quietest part and would be ideal for
private outdoor gathering spaces.
• Wind direction is Northwest, wind speed varies between 1 and 8 m/s with gusts up to 9 m/s
• Medicine Park averages 0 inches of snow per year, 13.6 inches of rain per year, and there are 287 sunny
days on average per year.
• High temperatures in the summer range from 70 to 80 degrees with winter highs at a comfortable range
between 67 to 73 degrees making Long Beach the ultimate year-round destination. Clear throughout the
day. Partly cloudy throughout the day. Mostly cloudy throughout the day.
• The annual BestPlaces Comfort Index for the Long Beach area is 9.8 (10=best), which means it is more
comfortable than most places in California.
Hotel Brand Development:
Typical Guest
The beach hotel’s primary market will be families with small children or teenagers, as well as mature
couples. A wide variety of ages and abilities can enjoy the Dune Beach if all parts are accessible and
include universal design. A marketplace, café, pleasant and clean studios, a receptionist, and technology
are all vital for attracting and retaining customers.
• Receptionist
• Housekeeping/maintenance staff
• Cafe host
• Cafe servers
• Hotel Manager
• Marketplace staff
• Bell service staff
• Room Service Staff
Design Concept Development:
The inspiration of the design for the hotel lobby is inspired by Long Beach city’s vibrant culture that
combines different cultures and races that makes the lobby feel inclusive. The hotel lobby is adorned with
various forms of art that includes murals and photography that represents the culture in Long Beach by
incorporating art that is made by Long Beach artists. The hotel also seeks to cater for middle- and
upper-class tourists and locals and the lobby incorporates vibrant blues and greens that reflect the ocean
which provides a big influence on the entire hotel.
The hotel also incorporates openness and airiness which improves the ambience without feeling
constricting. This is achieved by including mosaic patterns that creates harmony and awareness of local
culture. The lobby also incorporates large bay windows that ensure that light filters in unobstructed and
maintains a smooth flow of the space within and outside the hotel. This also helps the hotel and lobby to
blend with the city skyline.

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