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Strategies to Protect Health Care Facilities
from Liability Issues
Alona Cables
1. Promote professional
accountability and self/group
2. Optimize service recovery
to address patient
3. Identify physicians at
increased risk for
malpractice claims
3. Implement system-wide
surveillance for behaviors
4. Cultural Competence
5. Promote behavioral and
practice safety
(Battles, Azam, Grady & Reback, 2017, pg. 25)
Strategies to Protect Health Care Facilities
from Liability Issues Cont’
Alona Cables
Providers must get consent from patients for
any procedure
All Healthcare staff musty adhere to bylaws
or rules and regulations
(Shah, Thornton & Turrin, 2022, para. 4)
(Kasprak, 1995, para. 3 & 6)
Lata Culpa
Levis Culpa
Levissima Culps
Three Levels
Legal Actions
Compensatory Action
Punitive Action
Disciplinary Action
Recommendatory Action
o Be Empathetic
o Follow Policies and Procedures
o Keep Updated
o Document
o Be Diligent
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