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HCS/446: Facility Planning
Wk 3 Discussion Board
Discussion Topic
Due Thursday (20 pts)
Write a 175- to 265-word response to the following:
How do federal, state, and local regulations influence facility design? Provide an example.
Due Monday (20 pts)
Read and respond to at least two of your classmates’ discussion posts. Be constructive and professional
with your thoughts, feedback, or suggestions.
My initial Response:::
Student’s To Respond To:
Domanique Mason
When building and opening a new facility you must first get it approve. Then there are things that must
be in compliance with federal, state, and, local laws. You must get thing approve through many sources
and make sure they are in compliance. To design a new facility, you want to always think of the patients
and their safety as well as your staff. You are designing this facility to make the patients comfortable. So,
that is where the state, federal, and local regulations come in. They want to make sure that before
building the facility that everyone is safe including the people that will be building it. You have to go
before the Joint Commissioner, make sure the CDC guidelines are being meet, and also OSHA. You want
to make sure that the layout and the whole nine yards is completely safe for everyone. When the facility
opens you want to be able to pass all regulation. I know sometimes it might be nerve recking and feels
like a lot of pressure, but you have to make sure safety is a plus.
Alona Cables
Regulations and codes are vital when considering the planning of a facility. Making sure all expectations
must be in compliance with the state requirements. I know whenever Joint Commission shows up at my
job it is extremely tensed. Joint Commission makes sure each patient is safely and securely being treated,
they come to make sure every facility is properly able to show the many different functions of the
facility. Federal, state, and local regulation agencies often establish rules and regulations for health care
industry, and their oversight is mandatory. Other agencies, such as those for accreditation require
voluntary participation but are still important because they provide rankings or certification of quality
and serve as an additional oversight ensuring that health care organization promotes, provides quality
care. Whenever Joint commission comes into our hospital they are looking for all safety checking for
environmental safety and regulations also for patient rooms to be in compliance, Fire safety regulations
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