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In this week’s discussion post, the class was asked to determine if capitalism has worked well in the United States or if it’s been failing us. In my opinion, the United States capitalistic view towards healthcare has given citizens a lack of success in treatment of common medical needs. A free market is not what the United States needs in regard to healthcare. Profit should only be a part of health care to a certain extent. The business of healthcare has taken over instead. Profit focused mentality of healthcare has most likely accounted for poorer quality healthcare. Mike Milken from

The Future of Health Care: Meeting of the Minds

believes capitalism has benefited healthcare (Milken,2012). He thinks that one of the ways it has benefited the United States is that fact that funding for cures is able to occur. I disagree because a lot of the funding I hear about is as a result of specific foundations. An article by Leys agrees that capitalism is failing our healthcare system, mentioning that it prevents less wealthy people from getting healthcare. (Leys, 2010). American healthcare is widely healthcare focused and want to make money off of the wealtheir patients.


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Socialist Register




2nd Post

There is a failure of capitalism in healthcare. People worry more about the medical bill then their health. There is an option of insurance but many are still underinsured. “The inefficiencies of the system, indeed its very evident disorganizations, were by-products of a system designed primarily to produce profit and only secondly to improve health” (Waitzkin, 018, pg. 71). And this system was established early on in American history along with the ethics of medicine we hold so dear. “Our medical ethic is in fact a historical ideological-functional expression of, by, and for a capitalist medicine. Such a medicine cannot have a patient-centred ethic, but it must appear as if it were patient-centred and give rise to an ethic that would affirm this false appearance” (Feiler, 2018, pg. 44). There is a reason the nonfunctioning capital hold has stayed in medicine no matter how many people have clearly stated its flaws and t is because of the ethics that are masking the profits.

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