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Academic Year 2020/21
M21385 – ENG411 Engineering Sciences
Deadline for Report Submission:
Wednesday 21st April 2021 by 23:00
Report Submission Instructions
The report should be submitted online via a Moodle dropbox. Please
use ENG411_ as a file name, so that work can be
attributed to the respective student.
Instructions for the Demo:
The working motor will be demonstrated during a timetabled online lab
session on Wednesday the 21st April 2021 between 9:00 – 12:00
Dr Nils Bausch and Dr Sourav Khanna
Build an electric motor – Individual submission
Build a simple electric motor using only the parts provided (plus a 1.5V AA battery), one block of wood with
a magnet, two drawing pins, two paper clips, battery holder and wires.
You will be able to develop your motor until the 21st of April 2021.
Development can be carried out either in a laboratory or at home.
The battery is not included in the provided pack, and you will need to provide the battery by yourself for
development and testing purposes. You can use any tools to modify the parts, but you will be penalised for
using any other materials.
A 3h online lab session has been scheduled for Wednesday the 21st of April to demonstrate the functionality
of your motor. During this session, you will then be individually joined by Dr Bausch or Dr Sourav to
demonstrate the working motor.
The battery (1.5V), supplied by yourself, will be used during the testing session.
You will be expected to write a brief report (maximum of 1000 words), which will be submitted online through
Moodle by Wednesday the 21st April 2021 (23:00).
The report should be properly structured, including an introduction, review of theory and material found for the
build, design & testing and conclusions. This should include a clear explanation and understanding of the
working principles for an electric motor and a justification of your design.
If no report is submitted, no mark will be awarded. This means that the mark allocated for the demo can
only be considered if the report is submitted.
Marking scheme: The marks are broken down into the following categories:
Demo: demonstrate/explain principles of a motor
Demo: sustained rotation (it works)
Report: Introduction (how a motor works)
Report: Motor design (what you did)
Report: Theory and understanding
Report: Structure and presentation
Feedback: Feedback and marks will be provided to the students via individual emails within 20 working days
i.e. by 20/05/2021.
How to build a simple electric motor
You can build your motor however you like; here’s a basic outline of one approach:
1) Coil the wire into a loop about 2-3cm in diameter.
2) Use the paper clips and pins to make supports for the coil.
3) Strip the insulation from the ends of the wire. Note if you strip the insulation all of the way around the
wire, then the torque will be reversed after half a rotation!
4) Place the coil over the magnet.
5) Connect a battery to the paper clips (you may need to give the coil a nudge to get it going).
There are many web pages that you can search for tips and tricks!
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