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It’s a 4-5 page essay not including the title page and references. It’s a genetics term paper on blood types. Talk about how compatibility with blood transfusions. Be sure to really explain the protein and carbohydrates that is produced as a surface protein cell. Talk about the genetics of ABO, Rh factor +/-, transplants, Bombay phenotypes. It should be csc format. 12 font, doubled spaced. And please make sure it’s not copyright for anything, write in your own words.

Genetics Term Paper
How it works…
• Genetic issues are important in all of our lives
• You pick a topic of interest
• Goal….
â–« Understand the roles of genes (and environment)
â–« Understand the scientific methods involved
â–« Understand the potential social/political impact
Term paper as defined by
• A term paper is a research paper written
by students over an academic term, accounting for a
large part of a grade. The online version of MerriamWebster defined it as “a major writing assignment in a
school or college course representative of a student’s
achievement during a term”.
• Term papers are generally intended to describe an
event, a concept, or argue a point. It is a written
original work discussing a topic in detail, usually
several typed pages in length, and is often due at the
end of a semester.
How it works…
• Research Topic
You are free to select any topic related to genetics
BUT it must be approved by instructor and
Cannot be recycled from another course
Subject to TurnItIn originality check
â–« No duplications will be allowed (one student per topic)
Paper Content
• Content will vary with the topic but….
â–« Genetic basis or Genetic problem
ï‚– What gene or genes are involved?
ï‚– What is the phenotype/disability?
â–« Environmental factors
ï‚– Complicating external factors
â–« Description of the progress/scientific methods used to
address the problem
â–« Discussion
ï‚– Social, political, and/or ethical factors that enhance or
diminish our ability to deal with topic
Required Paper Format
• Title page
Paper title
Course and instructor
• 4-5 pages
â–« Double-spaced text (the body of the paper)
• References Cited page (separate from the body)
Required Paper Format
• Paper must be typed
• Font
â–« Arial or Times New Roman 12-point
• 1-inch margins
â–« Top, bottom, left, and right
• Header and/or footer
â–« Name and Paper Title
â–« Page numbers
• No figures/pictures
Grammar and spelling
1. Passive voice
1. NO “I”, “We” and “They”
2. Past tense
3. Remember rules of capitalization and italicization (e.g.
species name)
4. Spelling and proper punctuation should be perfect!
Please don’t lose points over grammar, spelling, and
format! (use the Writing Center!!)
• 3 or more separate works of background
literature (in addition to the Course textbook)
â–« At least 1 that peer-reviewed journal
â–« At least 1 high or acceptable quality (scientific and
▫ Textbook should be used but doesn’t count toward
â–« Get all information regarding citation including
“date accessed” if a URL
Literature Quality
1. Highest Quality Literature
â–« Peer-reviewed scientific journal articles
â–« These articles have been evaluated by experts
2. High-Quality Source/Literature
â–« Information for public consumption on websites of
government health organizations
â–« Examples:
ï‚– CDC, NCBI, NIH, NSF, WHO, FWC, American Medical
Association, Genetics Society of America
â–« Information in these sources is based on the most up-to-date
knowledge and has good depth of coverage
Literature Quality
3. Acceptable Literature
â–« Popular science magazines and websites
â–« Examples:
ï‚– Discover, Scientific American, Science News, and American
ï‚– WebMD
â–« Information in these sources is reliable although the depth of
coverage is sometimes shallow
Literature Quality
4. Marginally (or questionably) Acceptable
â–« Popular news magazines and newspapers (Time and
â–« Information in these sources is usually quite shallow and
sometimes based on faulty information or reporting
5. Unacceptable Literature
â–« Websites of individuals whose qualifications cannot be
verified (Wikipedia)
Important: Reference format
• in-text citations following each bit of
information that is not common knowledge
â–« Blah, blah, not commonly known (Doe 2013).
• Quoted ideas will receive no credit
• A full reference for each work receiving in-text
citation must be provided in a References
Cited section at the end of the paper
• Topic for approval – Sept 16th (no grade)
• Outline – Oct 7th (Quiz grade)
• Term paper – November 13th
1. Submit to Dropbox
2. Print and turn in Hard copy in class
No late work accepted
• Term paper assignments are DUE at the
BEGINNING of class!!
â–« Dropbox will close at the start of class
â–« Electronic and hard copies must be identical
â–« Hardcopy is expected within the first 15 minutes of
class time. If you are more than 15 minutes late for
class, your paper will not be accepted
ï‚– If you anticipate any problem attending class, turn it in
early! If I’m not around, you can give it to the department
administrator- ask her to date it and put it in my mailbox.
â–« Your topic must be submitted for approval by
Monday, September 16th (short description
submitted to Dropbox)
Genetics Term paper Grading rubric
Hard copy
(4 points)
Topic knowledge
(30 points)
Genetic basis and
(30 points)
Reference quality
(6 points)
Reference formatting
(10 points)
Paper format and
(10 points)
Grammar, punctuation,
In student’s own words
deductions of 0-5 points)
Yes- stapled or in report holder
on time = within the first 15
minutes of class start
Student exhibits superior
understanding of the topic
including scientific methods
and background
Yes- stapled or in report
holder, by 5 pm
Student exhibits good
understanding of topic but
lacks depth of understanding
of scientific methods and
Student exhibits good understanding of topic but paper
has incorrect interpretation of
data or methods or has
mistakes in understanding of
basic Genetics topics
Student appears to have
minimal understanding of the
topic. Lacks understanding of
basic concepts.
Not really relevant to Genetics.
Student doesn’t address any
overall impact or implications.
Relevance to Genetics is clearly
stated and supported
Relevant to Genetics but no evidence of impact, or “why” it is
Social/political/ environmental interesting or important
impacts are stated
1 peer-reviewed ref
at least 1 high or acceptable
quality ref
no marginal or unacceptable
1- Reference used properly with appropriate information
and the reference supports
that specific info
In text are proper 2-(Name
Year) format
3- References cited page is
4-End References page in
perfect CSE format
No peer-reviewed ref
at least 2 high or acceptable
quality refs
no marginal or unacceptable
1- Title page with title, name,
date, course and instructor
2- four to five pages
3-double spaced, 12 point font,
1 inch margins
4- Header and footer correct
No title page,
slightly too long or short
wrong font and margins
no header/footer
3 of 4 criteria are perfect
1 reference high or acceptable
Only marginal/question-able
quality others are marginal or
2 of 4 criteria are perfect
2 of 4 criteria are well done
Excellent use of language, no
punctuation or spelling errors
No first person
Appropriate (usually past) verb Minor mistakes in grammar, punctuation or spelling
Occassional use of first person
Lack of continuity in verb tense
In student voice, not jargon, no appearance of jargon and
extremely technical writing
1 of 4 criteria are perfect
No formal cover page or Ref
Excessively long or short
Significant mistakes in
grammar, punctuation or
Excessive use of first person
Distracting fluctuations in verb
Clearly not in student’s voice; not necessarily plagiarized but
likely written by a professional in the field (-5)

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