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Your policy brief should be a minimum of 1,000 words, and should not exceed 1,500 words

oInclude the total word count at the bottom of the last page, before the references page.



include your cover page or reference page as part of your word count

Policy Brief Topic:
Infant mortality among African Americans/Black
Your policy brief should be a minimum of 1,000 words, and should not exceed 1,500
o Include the total word count at the bottom of the last page, before the references
page. Do not include your cover page or reference page as part of your word count
APA format.
No Plagiarism
Your paper should reflect the following format:
A cover page
Include the identified audience to whom the brief is being prepared
for (would be sent).
The main paper should…
Start with a clear
statement of the (health or
health communicationrelated) issue
What sources, example, analysis, etc. have been done to identify the
breadth and depth of the issue on a particular group of individuals? Is
…Identify the scope of the the issue systemic? What are the impacts? Are they evidence-based?
What happens if we don’t do something?
Use a minimum of 3-7 reputable sources to support your impact
What current approaches, policies, regulations, etc. are in place?
What are the impacts of those policies (on individuals, communities,
etc.)? Are they insufficient? Are there (intentional or unintentional)
consequences of those policies? Include sources to support.
Remember that non-health related policies can have profound
impacts on health policy.)
…Summarize past and
current policies
Are there any current policy debates happening on the particular
issue? If so, summarize and explain the different stances being
presented (both in favor of, and in opposition of). What groups and
individuals represent these positions?
Focus on evidence-based positions, not on political stances
(Review Hunder (2016) Engaging the Third Rail.pdf
and Toward a Politics of Health (2005).pdf
on suggestions for how to position policy and scientific support
If you are advocating for a particular policy to be adopted, provide
evidence for why it will be beneficial. Provide as much support as
If you are opposing a current policy or policies, provide evidence for
what the future impacts and harms of that policy could/will be.
Provide as much support as possible.
…Describe possible
solutions and
Your brief should include making a recommendation and/or
requesting the adoption of policy-level changes. In doing so, provide
an overview for the kinds of changes that need to be made. Include
local, state, and/or federal action. Include key stakeholders that
should be involved. If other groups have made similar
recommendations or proposals, include those as support. Attempt to
focus on one key recommendation. If there are multiple
recommendations, clearly list them out.
Your recommendation should be based on evidence and support (2-3
sources, references, theories, models, concepts, etc.)
Your recommendation MUST INCLUDE components of health
communication(theories, practices, research approaches,
interventions, etc.).
Although you are attempting to address a health issue, you should
highlight and connect the importance and relevance of health
communication to the solution.
Refer to the CDC’s Gateway to Health Communication (Links to an
external site.) and/or any of the other health communication
resources, class discussions, etc. included in this course thus far.
…Provide a clear and
concise conclusion
Clearly summarize the issue, explain it’s importance, and overview
the recommended stance or set of actions the intended audience
should take.
A references page
Using APA formatting. The following should be included/listed as
referenced content: past or current laws, scientific research, direct
quotes, policy statements on political or government agency
websites, etc.
Assignment Requirements:
This is a writing assignment, so you will primarily be graded on the content of your
writing, including the relevance of your topic, the quality of your rationale and position,
the relevance of your research and recommendation(s), and your original ideas
You can design/format your policy brief in whatever way you feel would be most
compelling for the intended audience. The goal of this assignment is for you to be able to
send your policy brief to its targeted audience. So, think about what format would be
most effective and appealing
o However, if you do not want to spend time on design/format, all papers should
adhere to the following formatting requirements:
â–ª Fonts should be easy to read (Times New Roman, Calibri, Georgia)
â–ª Font colors should be black
â–ª Font size should be a minimum of 12-point and a maximum of 16-point (for
â–ª Papers should be written in complete sentences, using correct grammar, spelling,
and syntax
Citations and References should be formatted according to APA format

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