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Answer 1:

Global Economy and Technological Development

YES. Decisions regarding technological matters are of the utmost significance to commercial enterprises. As a result, they have to be formulated within the whole framework of the strategic thinking of each organization (Toebelmann & Wendler, 2020). This should be obvious to everyone. And this makes the aspect that determines a company’s level of success; businesses should have well-defined plans for the technical advancement of their operations.

Companies are compelled to adopt more efficient management strategies due to the problems posed by globalization, in conjunction with the accelerated pace of essential technical advancement. The landscape of corporations will shift because certain companies will be able to navigate the stormy phases of industry transformation effectively while others will not (Hadjilouca et al., 2021). The establishment of a portfolio of partnerships in the field of technological development, an emphasis on knowledge management, and a shift away from conventional perspectives on strategy and control are three ways in which businesses may improve their chances of achieving commercial success.

Technology roadmaps may assist in the discovery of new business possibilities, the validation of internal knowledge and the communication of ideas, the enhancement of choices about your technology portfolio, and the development of an effective technology strategy. Creating a road map leads to the development of a portfolio, enabling the evaluation of projects at the division level and the assessment of technology across the entire company. “The most successful businesses have detailed roadmaps that outline the next innovations they want to explore and the specific time requirements for each (Park & Park, 2020). These product roadmaps are matched up with their respective technology roadmaps to ensure that both are in sync with one another. Additionally, at least two centuries of technologies, product lines, and assistance are always tracked. Not only do the technology roadmaps identify technologies, but they also outline the transition from one to the next, both externally and internally to the company.”


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Answer 2:

Explicit strategies require a specific understanding of a players behavior to understand how they made decisions. Transparent systems typically work in the same way as games of chance. Players might be asked to decide if they will play one of a few three-card hands or two of a dozen. If a player chooses two of a dozen, they have made a specific decision that reflects their character. The use of data to support particular policy goals and technology to aid the discovery of other new areas of knowledge and skills. Technology development must include the creation, use, evaluation, and dissemination of helpful information for the government’s policy objectives. The main focus of this workshop is not just on policymaking and innovation but on the underlying processes which underlie the technology development process itself, including the development of technology and the decision-making processes (Legros & Barrett, 2022).

The fundamental strategy for technology development is the innovation and deployment of new technological innovations and the deployment of new capabilities to ensure that the global supply chain for new technologies operates at the maximum level of efficiency and safety. In many countries, the critical innovation and deployment of new technologies and capabilities are primarily focused on the manufacture of new technologies that are used in the manufacture of products such as appliances, equipment, computers, vehicles, and other industrial products. a range of explicit strategies to achieve technology and innovation success. At KPMG, one of their core competencies is working with their clients to take on the implicit development and innovation goals and leverage their extensive knowledge of this sector, including both implicit and explicit strategies. Technology is a massive component of any company’s success. It is a driver of innovation, enables new applications, and allows companies to become more efficient and less costly in their operations. The pace at which technology advances provides for new opportunities to emerge and improve an organization’s operations (Khezrlou, 2022).


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