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By far, the type of writing that we encounter, both in secular and academic settings, fall into the category of being “informational/Observatory”. The intent of research writing is different – research writing is usually centered around advancing understanding of a topical problem/issue, and for a “community”. Research writings, therefore, leverage the work of prior research or it opens a discussion around a current topic. In either case, such writings follow a streamlined format that is familiar to researchers. This format, typically, contain components such as:











Future Works

, etc. (see example research paper under this week’s

Learning Materials

section). The purpose of your assignment this week is for you to examine components of a


article and to identify guidelines for conducting critical analyses of published works. The knowledge gain here should be applied when completing your Week 3 research writing assignment.  As you complete any writing assignment it is a good idea to proof read your work and use the University Writing Center to help with APA formatting; both will assist in minimizing grammatical errors and improve conducting research writing.

Your Assignment


Find a research article

– mobile technology preferred; but any technology topic is acceptable. A research effort is usually placed in the context of a “business problem” that can be understood in terms of carefully designed research questions; this allows for maximum research, understanding, and participation around resolving the problem.

Write a three – five (3-5) page paper

that evaluates the research article you found – your paper should be: typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides; citations and references must follow APA or school-specific format. See hand-outs provided on graduate and APA style research papers.

Evaluate criteria

– notice what research components (Title, Abstract, Method, etc.) are used in the article you found (see the article ” Guidelines for Evaluating a Research” in this week’s

Learning Materials


State the name of the article you found and that is being evaluated and who the author(s) is/are.

What is this article about – talk about its context (what is the topic; its purpose, and significance to what/whom)?

What components of a research format are included in this article?

How does its format contribute to the purpose of the writing; that is, Research?

Do the author(s) use this format in a way that furthers research – what other component(s), if any, might be helpful to this purpose?


– general guidelines for research writing (not necessarily in this order):

What makes research writing different than ordinary information/observation writing?

Identify and explain major components of a research paper format

Why use peer-reviewed journals in research?

Why are keywords used in the Abstract and during the Literature Review process?

Why use/apply APA basic citation style in these writing assignments?

Why is academic integrity important (see syllabus)?

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