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Type your initial post and peer replies in this Discussion Forum based on the assigned readings for the week. The initial post should contain a minimum of 500 words and it should be submitted no later than Wednesday before 11:59 pm EST. Also, two peer replies should contain a minimum of 200 words each and should be submitted no later than Saturday before 11:59 pm EST.


Your readings this week will help you better understand Blockchain Technology and prepare you to engage in this second Module’s discussion and assignments. Be sure to read the peer reviewed articles carefully and view the YouTube videos prior to starting your weekly discussion engagement, accomplish, and reflection.


Can Blockchain Give Consumers More Control Over How They View Ads?


Snovio token sale: how to use blockchain in internet marketing


Blockchains, Cryptocurrencies & the New Decentralized Economy: Part 1 — A Gentle Introduction



YouTube: How Blockchain is changing Digital Identity


YouTube: ICO Review of SNOVIO Decentralized Lead Generation Platform

YouTube: How the Blockchain will radically transform the economy

Post 1: Subhash :
Snovio is a cloud-based email marketing platform that was founded in 2017 in
Ukraine. Snovio helps the user to optimize all aspects of their email marketing journey
from email prospecting, drip campaigning, lead generating, and much more. Users can
utilize all the fantastic features provided, like the email verifier that identifies any dead-end
email addresses or domains and export the results via CSV, XLSX, or Google sheets. Snovio
also has a chrome extension that will enable the user to collect and save lead information
from different websites. The data can then be checked against LinkedIn and Google
keyword search. Snovio allows the users to design and configure email drip campaigns
using the drag and drop function, lets the users optimize the scope of those that will receive
the specifically triggered emails, and then develop a quality, long-lasting and loyal
relationship with the existing leads through automated follow-ups.
Snovio is meant to become a flexible platform. This platform will be able to meet the
needs of a business for updatable contacts (leads)of high quality and provide the
opportunity to communicate with these leads to achieve the objectives set through
involving the maximum number of people in the process of data collection and rewarding
them with SNOV tokens.
The idea of decentralization, which lies at the heart of Snovio, solves these problems
by attracting tens of thousands of people from around the world to collect and update the
system’s data. These technologies and methods make Snovio an irreplaceable tool for lead
generation with the most accurate data for any type of business. Data contributors are
provided with a unique model for fair revenue distribution from selling data through a
transparent and audited economy. The platform, which connects contributors with
customers, works based on blockchain technology and smart contracts, which guarantee a
fair distribution of revenue between all parties. In the event of any disputable situation, the
last will be resolved by arbitration. It will also be introduced an agent scoring and rating
system for those agents who fulfill an order for data (leads) supply.
POST 2: Santosh:
Snovio is a leading product that provides smart marketing solutions for any business and
every segment of their audience. One of the most critical aspects of using Snovio is that their
visitors enjoy the same experiences with their brand that they are having on their website With a
product that allows them to take advantage of a wide variety of music streaming services. The
first and most important advantage of using Snovio is the direct interaction with their targeted
customers. Without this, they will not have any idea what kind of market they will be entering
(Martin, 2019). This is the real test of whether their product can genuinely benefit their
marketing and sales. The other significant advantage of using Snovio is how it makes their
content more accessible, which they could not get with other social media marketing. The
marketing strategy that the Snovio team used was built around marketing and revenue, and
Snovio is not an industry leader in this area (Martin, 2019).
Snovio is very similar to Evernote in that they both have an inbuilt advertising and
publishing system, but this marketing system is geared towards marketing, not sales. Snovio
offers a set of powerful features and a comprehensive set of integrations for marketers. They
focus on making it fun and straightforward to discover their clients, so they can easily share them
and get the most out of them. Snovio brings the power of analytics into the marketing process; by
using advanced algorithms and AI, Snovio lets them automate all the tedious work of conducting
data research, building the necessary data sets, analysing the data, and creating the marketing
messages (Martin, 2019). Snovio is powered by AI, which means that Snovio can do more than
check their emails and chat logs’ security status. It can also help them better manage their
company’s assets to ensure their assets are safe (Martin, 2019).
Snovio is a complete platform built in conjunction with a partner that helps their business
better manage everything from their mobile app to their email. Snovio will have a significant
impact on brands, marketing strategies, and marketing strategies. Snovio is a simple approach to
data analytics on demand. Using this service, they can collect detailed real-time data on the
activities of their users. The Snovio Data Analyzer allows them to measure the impact of every
action their users take. This data allows them to make smarter decisions and make smarter
marketing plans. It is essential to have a strategy built on top of existing advertising and business
strategy. One way of accomplishing this is using Snovio marketing; snow is a powerful product
that will enable them to improve their content marketing strategy in several different ways
(Agarwal & Wu, 2018). Snovio is the first company in the world that offers a platform that gives
marketers the ability to collect, manage and organize all their data on any platform, including
Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. The future looks bright for Snovio, as it continues to grow its
sales volume and reputation. The market for IoT device management, which covers Snovio
devices, will only continue to expand rapidly, with many products already available for sale. At
the same time, it will be interesting to see how Snovio can make use of its strong online presence
and reach to drive sales and visibility in the rapidly developing consumer market (Agarwal &
Wu, 2018).

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