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Strategic Stakeholder Alignment

Reflect on the following scenario for this discussion:

Robert McNair, the PMOD is moving on to another challenge. John  Palmer, the Vice President of IT (VPIT) calls Robert to discuss a  recommended scope change to one of the projects in the enterprise  electronic health record program. The project involved is the virtual  care telemedicine project (the project discussed earlier where the  go-live date is being discussed in the upcoming executive committee  meeting). At the request of one of the physicians in the neurology  department John Palmer and his team figured out how to adequately  interface two critical medical devices for this project (a biometric  blood pressure monitor and a biometric stethoscope that providers use to  hear real time heart sounds during a virtual visit) to the patient  portal that is planned as part of the project go-live. Since the project  may be delayed another two weeks due to extra training for provider  staff, John Palmer is recommending that two pilot sites be identified  and an additional $10,000 of hardware funds be released by the program  to allow two pilot sites to utilize these two biometric devices. The  $10,000 request is beyond the original project budget. The effectiveness  for the pilots will be measured by the neurologist who are specifically  evaluating Telestroke patients as part of the existing telemedicine  project.

Formulate a strategy to address a program stakeholder concern.

Assume that you as the PMOD and the Vice President of Information  Technology (VPIT) have collaborated and proposed your solution for the  Information Technology (IT) additional resource budget request to your  executive stakeholders. Your proposal is met with acceptance from the  Chief Medical Office (CMO), Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Chief  Executive Officer (CEO) but the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is  hesitant to sign off and first wants the Program Management Office (PMO)  to collaborate with leadership to determine whose department the  additional funds are coming from to fund the proposed short term  consulting model for IT resources that you propose.

Outline a specific communications strategy to address the CFO’s concerns.

Who will you talk with, when and why?

Which modalities (email, face-to-face, phone) will you use to communicate?

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