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Assignment-Personal Dietary Assessment Research Project
Total marks for assignment: 40 marks
You will analyze the 3 day food record for macronutrient and micronutrient content using the iProfile
nutrient analysis program. You will then compare your nutrient intake to a variety of food and nutrient
guidelines (i.e. Canada’s Food Guide, the Dietary Reference Intakes, etc.). This is a research project –
you are expected to find information in the textbook on your own as we will not cover everything in class
that you will need for this paper.
You will use APA version 7 student paper style for this course. Find details here:
Examples of formatting details to be aware of:
Times New Roman 12 pt.
1 Inch margins on all sides
Numbered pages, double spaced, correct paragraph spacing, indentations, etc
Title page must follow APA formatting. Please include your name, student number, course
number and section number, the date, and instructor’s name.
No citations or references required
Order your assignment:
o Part 1: Analysis of Dietary Habits and Patterns Using Canada’s Food Guide
o Analyzing your food intake using iprofile
â–ª Tables and answers to questions
5 Marks will also be devoted for structure and style: for example, quality of writing, spelling, grammar, title
page, APA formatting, etc. Proof read!
Part 1: Analysis of Your Diet Using the iProfile nutrient analysis program
This is a big section. Be sure to read all of it and answer each question in the correct order.
1. Enter the foods in your 3-day food record into iProfile and attach your reports. (Attached)
2. Compare your energy intake to your Dietary Reference Intake (DRI)
(a) Use the information in the “Macronutrient Distribution” iProfile report to construct a small table
containing the following information: (3 marks)
My average daily energy
intake (kcal)
My dietary reference intake
% of DRI that I met
b) Comment on whether or not you met your DRI for energy – are you over or under or just right? How
might this affect your body weight if sustained over a longer period of time? (2 marks)
3. Evaluate your diet according to the Dietary Reference Intakes (DRIs) for macronutrients.
(a) Using the iProfile report “Intake Compared to DRI”, compare your dietary intake to the Acceptable
Macronutrient Distribution Ranges (AMDRs) for carbohydrate, fat, and protein. Since fibre does not
provide energy, compare your intake of fibre (in grams) to the Adequate Intake (AI) for fibre.
AMDRs for carbohydrate, fat, and protein, and the AI for fibre can be found in several places:
In class notes
In your textbook
In the “Macronutrient Distribution” report on iProfile
Present your information in a table (5 marks):
My Average
Intake (grams)
My Average
Intake (kCal)
My Intake (% of
average daily
energy intake)
AMDR (%)
Saturated Fat

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