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In your opinion, how have statistics been used effectively by criminal justice professionals? Provide recommendations for more effective use and incorporation by criminal justice professionals.

What are some examples of the effectiveness of criminal justice research in finding solutions to problems?

Respond to 2 replies to classmates or your faculty member. Be constructive and professional. 100 words to each statement.

1)Data statistics have been used within the criminal justice system for decades. For years, police departments, states, and the U.S. Department of Justice gathered and reported statistics. Crime statistics are used to determine where police officers will patrol on high crime areas. Statistics provide law enforcement with data to use for budget, planning, and resource allocation. Statistics help to prevent future crimes in high areas. Statistics use extensive use of numbers and information to determine the outcome. “Crime statistics must be gathered as a first step in the design of a prevention program”. Many factors play into statistics such as incidence of crime, the profile of offenders and their characteristics, and recidivism. One of the most used of data in the law enforcement approach is known as “predictive policing”. This is used to anticipate risk crime factors which follow by interventions to prevent those crimes from occurring. This led to a decrease in New York when it started. Statistics will continue to be used in the criminal justice field to gather data and implement new policies.

2)My opinion on how statistics have been used in the criminal justice professions are by understanding what areas need help the most. The local police department uses statistics to help determine what areas need more patrolling due to high crime. The statistics that are gathered will help with intel like age, sex, crime and race. By gathering data on each victim and offender statistics can be used to estimate which crimes will be most likely and in which areas the department should focus their efforts. In our local community, the police department has noticed that our homeless community causes the majority of our crime. We have a a homeless impact team that track and work with the homeless. Doing the research and pulling the statistics to where our city needs the funding has allowed our small town to become safer. The homeless are able to get the help they need with specialty programs and rehab.

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