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Project 3 culminates in the submission of a Textual Evaluation. The genre is expository and requires the textual and contextual evaluation of three samples of your writing across three spaces as tailored for the audience associated with the space. The Textual Evaluation is to be written in MLA and total 1000-1200 words.

The goal of the exploration and evaluation will be to answer the following research question:

What intentional shifts were made to communicate across spaces and audiences?

To answer the research question, you will move through the steps of identifying three spaces where writing occurs, defining the audiences in each, situating yourself and your intention within each space, evaluating a sample of your writing from each space, identifying and explaining your moves for each situated sample, and perhaps even connecting the choices you made to your identity.

You will need to quote three texts from your own writings across three spaces, I provided one quote in the outline attached, you can use it or you can use any if your writings that you find suitable.

check the outline attached to have an idea of how this paper should be.

No need to use advanced english vocab, basic english is fine as long as it is grammatically correct.

Textual Presentation Outline
What intentional shifts were made to communicate across spaces and audiences?
Answer the question
Para 1-2:
Things that affect the way we talk to people like culture, relationship, language.
Introduce Codes and moves.
Para 3:
space, audience, intention, move
First quote,
Instagram, stranger offering a business opportunity. Rejecting the offer.
“Yo, Sorry man I saw ur message and totally forgot to reply, I appreciate the you reached out to
me about this opportunity, but I realized I don’t have time for this atm, college and all yk. But I
wish you goodluck fam. Peace.”
Para 4
Second quote,
Para 5
Third quote
Small summary, restating the answer to the question.

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