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address the proper writing task, including evaluating the correct sample

follow all directions; include all required content for each of the three criteria

follow the format indicated in the instructions

This sample has strengths and weakness, mostly weaknesses. Therefore, you should not use this
sample as a model for your own work.
Studentino Samplina
November 2, 2017
HKS is a team of more than 1,400 architects, interior designers, urban designers, scientists, artists,
anthropologists and other professionals working together across industries and across the globe to
create places that delight, heal and stimulate peak performance. We have nurtured a culture of
extraordinary people with curious and creative minds who are passionate about delivering elegant
solutions that solve our clients’ challenges. Our research teams dig deep to discover processes and
ideas that improve outcomes–then they share them freely for everyone’s benefit. In all we do, we are
mindful of the fragility of all life and of the planet.
Our Miami based Hospitality team is seeking a Junior Designer to join the team.
1. Coordinates project design
2. Develops creative design concepts for projects and expands on concepts of others
3. Under limited supervision develops design solutions based on industry standard construction
techniques and engineering principles
4. Prepares presentation and design drawings
5. Under general supervision makes client presentations
6. Assists with the estimation of material requirements and costs for interiors projects
Architectural Registration preferred but not required
Professional degree from an accredited program
Typically have 4 to 10 years of experience
Proficient with Revit, AutoCAD, Sketchup, Lumion, Adobe Suite
(Photoshop/Illustrator/InDesign), Microsoft Suite (Word/Excel/PowerPoint)
5. and other drafting presentation tools (Rhino and Dynamo is a plus) as well as hand drawing
HKS is an EEO/AA Employer: M/F/Disabled/Veteran
Studentino Samplina
Address: 1234 Main Street
Cell phone: (916) 123-4567
Davis, California 95618
November 23, 2015
HKS Human Resources Department
HKS Architects
539 Bryant Street
San Francisco, CA 94107
Dear Hiring Manager:
My name is Studentino Samplina and I am graduating from UC Davis with a degree in design. I am
writing to in response to your job advertisement (ID 2015-1306) as a Junior Interior Designer in your
firm, HKS Architects. I believe the skills, talents, and experience I have acquired since would benefit
an organization such as yours.
I have several years of working experience having worked at Xingyada Decoration Engineering
Company. At Xingyada, I was in charge of making interior design sketches and actual placement,
choosing materials used, and design modification using Auto Cad. During working experience, I was
further tasked with making cost estimates for various projects, tasks that I completed satisfactorily.
Additionally I assisted various clients in selecting and organizing materials they felt would best fit
their needs including furniture, fabrics, colors, and designs. During my free time, I helped move
furniture to make room for work area. In other instances, I would work with colleagues to finish piling
work. I am an excellent photographer, and I was often commended on photographs I took before and
after the project for our clients and company. Last year, I had the pleasure of working as an interior
designer for a large chain of hotels undergoing renovations. During that time, I was put in charge of
three rooms, which I designed and supervised until completion and approval by our project manager.
My tasks during that precise project included, but not limited to, providing room redesigns, carpeting
selections, and making suggestions for drapes and paintings.
What I would bring to your firm would be passion, enthusiasm, hard work, teamwork, discipline, and
ideas. I am a talented, energetic, and organized individual ready to join and work with your team.
Furthermore, I am detail-oriented with the ability to work with the members while meeting specified
deadlines. I believe that your firm is the place for me from the years of constant praise I have heard. I
have always admired your institution for the quality work, discipline, and expertise.
Please email me by ssamplina@ucdavis.edu or call me by (916) 123-4567
Sincerely yours,
Studentino Samplina
Studentino Samplina
(916) 123-4567
1234 Main Street, Davis, CA, 95618
· Was put in charge of several actual projects
· team building workshops
· Was praised as junior employee of the month for works done during the hotel renovations
· Vectorworks, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Auto CAD, Rhinoceros, Photoshop, Microsoft
Word, and PowerPoint
· Works with fabrics, textures, furniture, and space consideration to transform rooms and homes
Work Experience
Xingyada Decoration Engineering Company

Handled Auto Cad software
Was in charge of making interior designs
Took photographs
Assisted clients choose fabrics, materials and designs
Provided sketches
Made redesigns
Helped workmates complete tasks
Associate Degree of Arts, Art
Tacoma Community College 2011~2014
Bachelor Degree of Arts, Design
University of California, Davis 2015~2016
Total GPA:
5. Content for Evaluation
• Choose any three (3) specific criteria (one of the letters – e.g. 1a, 3c, 4d, etc.) on the assignment’s evaluation rubric. You can find the rubric on each
specific assignment instructions.
• Discuss only these criteria in your evaluation.
• You should aim to choose different criteria for each practice evaluation assignment to help you develop an awareness of different writing concerns.
1. an identification of each of the three rubric categories and criteria that you evaluated
2. a description of what the writer did with examples (quote when appropriate)
3. an evaluation (judgment) of the effectiveness
4. a reason (rationale) of why you think it is effective or ineffective
5. specific suggestions for improvement (if applicable)
6. Format
Type your evaluation directly into the Canvas text box (not Google Drive).
• Use the below as a template. You can cut and paste it into the Canvas text box or type it directly as it is represented below.
• Include the headers (in bold) as shown in the below example
8. Style & Language: a. Language: show careful editing and consistent control of Standard Written English
DESCRIPTION (do not judge in this section; just describe)
In the sample cover letter, there were numerous instances where incorrect grammar was used. For example, there were phrases such as “I am writing
to in response to” and “During working experience, I was…”.
EVALUATION & REASON (this is where you judge)
These mistakes weaken the effectiveness of the person’s cover letter because they might signify a lack of effort in that the applicant did not bother to
look over and revise their cover letter before submitting it.
Grammar mistakes can be fixed
using Grammarly, checking the work with Google Docs grammar checker, asking several people to proofr
ad, etc.
same as above
same as above
3. Rhetorical Situation
Your audience for each evaluation is your classmates (think of them as professional colleagues).
Your purpose is to provide an evaluation that will help your colleagues to write a stronger assignment.
Tam a secondary audience, one who is reviewing all students’ abilities to understand and apply class concepts.
1. Addressing the Assignment
4. Organization & Connections
a. Directions: all directions are carefully and correctly followed
b. Application: the advice given in the assigned reading and
discussed in class is applied
a. Paragraph Focus: paragraphs and sections are focused on one
specific claim and/or topic
b. Emphasis: important ideas are placed at the beginning and end
of paragraphs and sections
c. Length: paragraphs, sections, lists, and sentences are of an
effective length
d. Order: paragraphs, claims, evidence, sections, and lists are
logically and effectively ordered
e. Connections: clear connections are made between all
paragraphs, claims, evidence, etc.
2. Rhetorical Awareness
5. Genre & Format
a. Correspondence: the letter is in business correspondence
a. Context: documents show an awareness of the specific job,
industry, position, etc.
b. Audience: documents show the writer is consciously appealing
to the specific audience
c. Purpose: documents show the writer is aware of the distinct
purposes of each document
b. Format: formatting is consistent and professional and
emphasizes important ideas
c. Headings: headings and subject lines are specific and effective
for the purpose,
d. Design: design choices (bolding, underlining, color, etc.) increase
readability and emphasis,
e. Parallelism: lists and headings are parallel
d. Persona: appropriate persona(s) for the specific rhetorical
situation in each document
3. Focus & Support
6. Style & Language
a. Focus: maintains an appropriate focus for each text, including
relevant and useful information
a. Language: documents are carefully edited and show control of
Standard Written English
b. Style: the language of the job description is used effectively to
show qualifications
b. Claims: claims are made deliberately and are appropriate for the
c. Support: all claims are proven with specific and convincing

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