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ENC 1102 Final:Research Proposal
Final: Research Proposal
You will design a research proposal for an independent study that would last 3 to 6 months. The
study you are proposing will be designed and would be implemented by you and executed with
the resources of a college, university or another relevant organization with the intent of writing a
publication based on your findings after your research.
For this assignment, you are only expected to “pitch” your study to a professor or professional in
your area interest. You will not be performing the research, only proposing it. To do so, you will
write an organized informative and persuasive essay detailing:
A.) the current writing and research around your selected topic (Literature Review)
B.) a methodology for an effective study with a clearly identified research need and outcome,
C.) and a full examination of the details of conducting a study that will lead to valuable
information for the field for which your study is designed.
You are not expected to complete the study you are proposing, but the final proposal must be
“actionable”. This means that anyone should be able to use your research proposal to build the
study you design.
Remember that social programs, government initiatives, and corporations all rely on welldesigned research studies, and the information these studies provide help everything from
building better roads to creating new social initiatives.
Note: For this assignment, no grades will be revised. Your Full Draft is a test grade. Do your
Full Draft Rubric (100 points)o Grammar/Mechanics (20 pts)
o Introduction: introduce the area of interest, importance, and provide a thesis
question or statement that hones the study in on a central discovery (10 pts)
o Purpose and scope: Complete literature review with purpose, scope, and needed
resources fully explained using details from related and recent studies (20 pts)
o Resources and requirements: compare to a recent study; take a researched guess at
how long the research would take, how much it would cost, and what is possible
in 3-6 months (10 pts)
o Impact: What will be learned and who might find this information be helpful?
What problems might you encounter? What future work may need to be done?
ENC 1102 Final:Research Proposal
What fields or industries will benefit from this work? (10 pts)
o At least 3 academic sources cited and included in argument + 2 other sources (25
o Works Cited page, does not need to be MLA format (5 pts)
Final Rubric (150 points)o All of the above (Full Draft rubric) in MLA format
o 5+ academic sources cited in MLA format (50 pts)
Helpful Links
Organizing your research proposal
Common components of a research essay from Illinois Library
Examples of undergraduate research, not in MLA format
Not sure where to start? Ask a Librarian at Valencia College
Hernandez 1
Manuel Hernandez
ENC 1102
Chris Brown
04 April 2021
Computer Science Literature Review
Technological advancement is the one factor that best characterizes the modern era as
different innovations designed to improve the quality of human life have come to the fore.
Computers have been at the forefront of technological development, and they have transformed
almost all aspects of human life radically. A case in point is the improvement of communication
as people can send messages and even various media faster and more conveniently than if they
were to use conventional mechanisms. Considering computer technology’s revolutionary impact,
computer science has become a significant area of study as it provides a deeper understanding of
how best to navigate this technology. This paper argues that computer science is an essential
subject that more schools should embrace as part of the subjects they teach.
Literature Review
Computer and software use has come to dominate more facets of humans’ lifestyles, yet
schools have not shown high enthusiasm to integrate it as part of their curricula (Nager and
Atkinson 1). This trend can be traced in part to the conventional belief that computer science is
an optional study area that equips people with no more than mere coding skills. Nager and
Atkinson are quick to disprove this notion and observe:
Instead, it is time for CS to be seen as a core science on par with more traditional high
school offerings such as biology, chemistry, and physics. Furthermore, universities should
capitalize on the growing interest in computer science and expand their offerings to
Hernandez 2
accommodate the growing demand for courses in the field. Not only is computer science a
powerful educational tool for fostering critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity,
computer skills, and competencies are in high demand among employers in a wide range of
industries, not just the tech industry (1-2).
Education is only helpful if it equips students with skills that they can apply practically in
real-life situations. As researchers observe, there is a general acceptance that humans is in the
digital age because people increasingly depend on technology to run their affairs. Therefore, a
robust grounding in computer science knowledge is essential in raising a well-primed generation
to address complex problems afflicting society and offer practical solutions (Nager and Atkinson
4). Solving computer science issues reinforces an individual’s critical thinking skills and
improves their capacity to deal with other life problems. In light of this information, schools
need to embrace computer science because basic computer science knowledge is becoming more
valuable even in non-computer-related disciplines (Camp et al. 45).
Researchers also observe that the increased introduction of technology in the modern
workspace is something that people cannot merely wish away. They observe that the biggest
impediment to computer technologies’ positive reception is the fear that such innovations shall
replace the need for human input in many jobs (Denning et al. 31). However, herein lies an
opportunity to improve students’ desirability to employers as a deeper understanding of
computer science insulates them from being easily disposable in the job market. Computer skills
serve as an added advantage and allow them to venture into diverse career paths and contribute
to societal improvement.
Researchers have subsequently provided additional arguments in favor of making
computer science a compulsory subject in the curriculum. (Passey 425). The most prominent
Hernandez 3
view highlights the economic benefits of integrating computer science into the regular school
curriculum. Passey (425) notes that “education should support learners in engaging through a
curriculum that is most likely to support a future economy, where young people can meet the
needs of current and future jobs and their skill requirements.” The trends in the current
dispensation show that multiple facets of social lives have become digitized, and people will
depend on technology for a broader array of functions in the future. Therefore, teaching students
the fundamentals of computer science allow them to take advantage of this trend and improve
their chances of securing long-term gainful employment devoid of the fear that technology will
take their jobs. Education is designed to help students become more competent and improve their
ability to improve their communities through deliberate action. Currently, computing facilities
are becoming more vital to local communities because they provide mechanisms for linking up
with the rest of the world and voicing their concerns. Therefore, computer science knowledge
has massive implications for local communities’ future because their children will be
spearheading various initiatives for their betterment.
Computer science is an essential subject whose relevance has been on the rise as society
becomes more advanced. Currently, it is difficult to find aspects of professional and even social
life that are not dependent on modern technology. Computer science’s influence is felt from
communication to more complex facets like programming and software development. However,
it has limitless potential. If the trends are to go by, it will become even more significant as novel
technologies like artificial intelligence become more embedded into the corporate sector.
Therefore, schools have all the incentives to embrace computer science as part of the teaching
curriculum to ensure they churn out students who are well-versed with the world’s evolving
Hernandez 4
technologies. Computer science helps students become more marketable for various job
opportunities in the future and equip them with the capacity to spearhead multiple community
improvement initiatives in the future as technology’s prominence in people’s lives increases.
Hernandez 5
Works cited
Camp, Tracy, et al. “Generation CS: The Growth of Computer Science.” ACM Inroads, vol. 8,
no. 2, May 2017, pp. 44–50. June 2017, doi:10.1145/3084362.
Denning, Peter J., et al. “Misconceptions about Computer Science.” Communications of the
ACM, vol. 60, no. 3, ACM New York, NY, USA, 2017, pp. 31–33.
Nager, Adams, and Robert D. Atkinson. The Case for Improving U.S. Computer Science
Education. SSRN Scholarly Paper, ID 3066335, Social Science Research Network, 31
May 2016. papers.ssrn.com, doi:10.2139/ssrn.3066335.
Passey, Don. “Computer Science (CS) in the Compulsory Education Curriculum: Implications
for Future Research.” Education and Information Technologies, vol. 22, no. 2, Springer,
2017, pp. 421–43.
-The Lit Review requires 5 academic sources. This
includes scholarly articles from the library database
and .gov websites. I expect to see more than 5 in
your final.
-For you all doing the Literature Analysis, the
artifacts you are analyzing do not count toward the 5
-For those of you doing the research proposal, be
sure your introduction contains important statistics
that put your topic into focus.
-Also for the proposal, you should find a similar
study to the one you are porposing that was
published in the last 5 years. That source should
provide a strong method for the study you are
proposing. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel! Rely on
the experts; that’s what research is about.
-Be sure to use MLA format. It’s not graded on the
draft of the final, but MLA is worth a significant
number of points in both the Lit Review and Final

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