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My paper is due tomorrow it and it is four papers. Could you explain how parent/child relationships are complex. Could you also write about the common issues and parental pressures on how parents want there children to be successful. Could you write about something you found interesting and could you do a character analysis on Jing Mei

Assignment Details
202120 Freshman Comp || ENC-1102-20411
Topics for Paper Two
Choose only one topic. This research paper requires at least one outside source (which you will get by.
using Valencia’s databases). That outside source will be used to defend your thesis statement (once you
decide what that thesis will be). You will cite and paraphrase from your research. You will also cite and
paraphrase from the play_you have chosen to write about.
1. In Chapter 1 of The House on Mango Street, we meet Esperanza. Esperanza craves a home that she
can “point to.” How might Esperanza’s desire to have a home that she can be proud of reflect the desire
of other children who find themselves living in poverty?
2. In Amy Tan’s Two kinds, we experience the relationship between Jing Mei and her mother, Suyuan
Woo. While their relationship is very complex, it also reflects a common issue in the parent/child
relationship, regardless of one’s culture and background. That issue would be the pressure that some
parents put on their children to be successful. Please address the idea of parental pressure and its
consequences in your research paper.
3. Choose any one of the poems read in this unit of the course. Write on any aspect of the poem that you
find interesting. You may focus on a particular theme, concept, idea or issue being raised in the poem.
4. Choose Esperanza or Jing Mei. Do a character analysis of the character you choose. A character
analysis is the process of evaluating the specific traits or qualities of a character.
Materials/Resources Needed
Microsoft Word: Download for Free.
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vo Kinds
Assignment Instructions
‘s Two
1. Read each topic above very carefully. The topics are further explained on page two of this module:
Paper Two Topics Explained.
2. Choose one topic that you would like to write your paper on.
9 PM
3. Go though all the pages in this module to make sure you understand what you need to do to write a
good paper. These pages are: Paper Two Topics Explained, Writing a Research Paper Paper: Process
and Format, How to Access Databases and Paper Two Grading. If you are still unsure, please discuss
with your professor.
4. After you are clear on what you have to write about and you have chosen a topic (from above), create
a thesis statement for your topic (please go the Writing a Research Paper: Process and MLA page of this
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