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hello, I need a 300 word paper (3 paragraphs) about a book.

book can be found for free on zlibrary

the book is called

Naked Statistics: Stripping the Dread from the Data

by Charles Wheelan

The criteria are somewhat vague on purpose. The discussion boards are an opportunity for students to practice
written expression in a low-stress environment. In teacher speak, we call it a formative assessment. We’re not
really pushing for MLA style citations with peer reviewed literature, instead, we’re pushing for students to read
the book, think about the content, how it relates to the material from the class, and then find some other piece of
information using a web search. For example, if you are interested in forensics, you might look up how statistics
and DNA testing have changed the way courts, scientists, and jurors interpret data. There is something called
the Innocence Project, and it probably couldn’t exist without the contributions of Fisher, Pearson, and Galton.
More teacher talk: There is this philosophy called the 3 P’s of Problem Solving, Pose a problem, Problem Solve,
Peer Persuasion. This discussion board is basically encouraging you to do all three. Read the book, think of a
question (a problem), find an answer to your question (problem solve, and in this case, it’s okay to answer with
another question), and then write about it to convince your peers you have found the answer, even if the answer
is a different way to approach the problem, or another question that needs answered first.
Initial Post Criteria:
For each assigned discussion board (Naked Statistics or podcasts), you will write a
300 word initial post (300 words total, regardless of number of chapters assigned
to read) consisting of 3 paragraphs as follows:
o Paragraph #1: Write about something that you found interesting or
surprising, etc. Because these are your thoughts on the reading it should be
written in 1st person. (Do NOT write a summary or a review of the reading if you do, you will receive a zero on the assignment – everyone has done the
reading, so we don’t need any summaries; and regardless of what you
thought about the writing style – these are not relevant to the learning
o Paragraph #2: Make a connection between the reading and something else
that you’ve learned (either from another assignment in this class or another
class, etc.). This can be any type of connection – even a contradiction that
you found. Again, this is your connection – it should be in 1st person.
o Paragraph #3: Do a Google search for more information and include its
relevance to your post along with your URL citation (copy the URL directly to
where you got your information) and why you trust it (or why you don’t) as a
reliable source of information.
Your post must be in your own words and show some depth of
thinking/understanding. As mentioned above, this is a discussion, so it should be in
1st person as much as possible. I understand that sometimes quoting or
paraphrasing is necessary to make your point – but keep in mind that the addition of
quotes or paraphrases will NOT count towards the 300 minimum word-count
requirement. Avoid plagiarizing like the plague – if you quote or paraphrase, it must
be properly cited – I turn in all instances of plagiarism to the Office of Student
Conduct and Academic Integrity.
“Fluff” words/phrases/sentences do NOT count as part of the 300 words that must be
your own original writing. Wording that pads the word count such as the title of the
post, book, articles, URLs, other citations, quoted material, heavily paraphrased, or
any irrelevant or redundant sentences may NOT be used to count towards the 300
word count.
o Example of irrelevant fluff: “I liked chapter X from the book, Xslsjdfsj sdjfsj
lsdjfsj.” – a statement like this is mostly fluff and won’t count towards the 300
o Example of redundant wording: “I learned a lot from this film, I’m really glad
I watched it because it’s so educational.” – this is just restating the same
thing, and won’t count towards the 300 words.
Make sure you follow the 3-C’s of Netiquette:
1. Clarity: Your post title must be descriptive – in other words, anyone who
is browsing posts should be able to tell what the post is about just by
your title. Do NOT title posts “Naked Statistics #1”, etc. – make it
creative (but relevant to what you wrote) so that others want to read
your post – or you can try for a single short sentence that accurately
reflects what you wrote about.
2. Confidentiality: Treat all information shared in your groups as confidential
(though I’m not suggesting that you post confidential information).
3. Courtesy: Be courteous to one another – even if you disagree with what
someone has posted, do so in a courteous and respectful manner.

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