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It was Margaret Mead, a notable anthropologist of the 20th century, who once said, “A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed it’s the only thing that ever has.”

Citizens of the U.S. have the responsibility as well as the privilege to take an active role in how the country is governed. You can choose to take a stand, vote, run for office, volunteer to make the world a better place, or do nothing at all! The choice is up to you. The fact that you have a choice is due to democracy!

Remember, in the United States of America, we each have a voice! For the final Discussion of the course, you will begin by sharing your Week 5 Reflection with the class, in order to spark a conversation about those principles and issues that matter most to you. You will then be asked to read, consider, and respond to the Reflections of your classmates. In your final response, you will analyze how social change might be initiated and promoted in current American society. You will also consider how to make choices that provide the best chance of making successful efforts at social change.

We might be surprised at how much more unites rather than divides us and what motivates us to get involved to make a true, positive difference.

To complete:

Briefly summarize (do not attach) your Week 5 Reflection Powerpoint Presentation in the Week 6 Discussion area

American Government
And Politics
Mardochee Richard
Walden University
Significant concepts
Political Parties
 The US has two main political parties
 No law limits the number of parties
 Not every member present in the meeting signed the
 After being signed in 1787, it didn’t go into effect
nine states ratified it
Significant concepts
Principles found in the constitution
 Everyone is equal, whether rich or poor
 No one is above the law
 Highest law is the constitution
Significant concepts
Political Parties
 I have always wondered why two parties
 There are no restrictions for creating new parties
 Americans have become accustomed to them
 It involved parties from various states
 It was not an easy process.
 The process was democratic
Significant concepts
Principles of the constitution
 All individuals are considered Americans
 Should be treated with respect
 Promotes a peaceful country
 Some forget these principles and end up
discriminating people of color.
Application of lessons learned
 Consider other candidates either independent or
from another party
 Respect the constitution
 Uphold principles of the constitution
 The US constitution ensures the public is fairly
 The people should uphold the constitution
 Support one another and embrace unity as a
 Donovan, T., Parry, J. A., & Bowler, S. (2005). O
other, where art thou? Support for multiparty politics
in the United States. Social science quarterly, 86(1),
 Living facts. (2020). 13 Facts About the U.S.
Constitution. Retrieved from

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