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Assignment #1: Topic Proposal & Article Analysis – 10 points (Due 8/26)
Please submit this assignment using the following convention:
“Topic Proposal – Last name, first name.docx”
Textbook: https://digitalcommons.biola.edu/open-textbooks/1/
The first step in this process is to develop a topic proposal. Ideally, select an Informatics-related
research topic that supports a personal research interest or professional goal of your own
choosing. Consider the content covered in this class and other courses you may be taking, as
well as previous training and work experiences that have influenced your interests in
Informatics when formulating your topic. We’ll support this process by conducting an article
analysis to gain familiarity with our topic of interest and to help shape your topic proposal.
NOTE: I do encourage you to contact me if you have any questions and/or need assistance with
your topic.
Your topic proposal and article analysis should include (3-6 pages total):
1. Topic Proposal Section (1-2 pages)
a. A short statement introducing your research topic – what your research topic is
about and with background information based on your article analysis.
b. A description of your topic proposal – describe your research objectives and how
you will analyze your selected topic – is there a problem is that needs to be
solved or an issue/situation that that needs to be evaluated? Explain to your
readers what you think needs to be understood or worked on within the context
of your research topic.
2. Article Analysis (2-4 pages)
a. Select 4 published articles related to your research interests. For each source,
write an abstract-style overview describing what the article is seeking to achieve,
and the information that is being presented. Relate this article to your research
topic and objectives.
b. Provide an assessment of the scholarly nature of the published work, if you
agree/disagree with the author’s arguments, and its applicability toward your
topic interest. Include an APA citation for each article.

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