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Human Trafficking

Group therapy is one of the most successful interventions for adolescents. This is because of the nature of this stage of development and the need to belong to a group. Hearing the stories of other teens and knowing that their experiences and feelings are similar is very therapeutic. Another characteristic of the adolescent stage is a short attention span, so the clinical social worker should tailor exercises that initiate and sustain discussion for adolescents.

For this Assignment, watch the “Bradley” video.

In a 2- to 4-page paper, identify two opening exercises that you might recommend for a group of adolescent girls who were victims of human trafficking.

Describe the exercises in detail so that another social worker would be able to implement them.

Explain ways these exercises might be effective in creating a comfortable environment for these teenage girls.

Support your rationale with the literature. For example, what does the literature say about teenage girls who have been arrested for prostitution/human trafficking and who openly discuss their experiences?

How do these exercises promote group cohesion and encourage these teens to talk openly?

Bradley Family Episode 1
Bradley Family Episode 1
Program Transcript
THERAPIST: First off, Tiffany, I want you to know how really glad we are that
you’re here. There’s a lot that we do here that I think would be very good for you.
Can I tell you about them?
THERAPIST: One of the services that I’m really excited about is the Teens First
program we offer. It’s been open a little less than a year, but it’s already doing
great things.
TIFFANY: What does it do?
THERAPIST: Well, it’s really the only organization of its kind. It provides
treatment to women who’ve been in your type of situation. That’s the only group
we treat.
TIFFANY: My situation? Why don’t you just say what you mean? I’m a whore.
THERAPIST: That’s just it, Tiffany. We don’t see you that way. Young women
who’ve been arrested for prostitution, we see them as victims of human
trafficking. You’re not a criminal. You’re a survivor.
TIFFANY: I don’t understand why I have to be here. I was fine where I was. I
want to go back with my boyfriend.
THERAPIST: The one named Donald?
THERAPIST: You said he was acting as your pimp. You said he bought you from
someone else. Is that what a boyfriend does?
TIFFANY: I think it’s great you have all these services. But I don’t need them.
THERAPIST: Well, that’s something that I definitely want you to talk to me about
over the next several weeks. The plan is for you and I to meet alone a couple
times a week. And we’ll also meet in a group with some other young women like
TIFFANY: There’s no one like me.
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Bradley Family Episode 1
THERAPIST: You’re right. There is no one like you. I just meant other young
women who’ve gone through similar experiences. You also get three meals a
day. They’re pretty good, actually. Healthy.
And a room to sleep in. And then there’s a case manager who will talk to you
about jobs, going back to school, what you might want to do for a living. It’s really
a great opportunity.
TIFFANY: I want to go to college. Design clothes.
THERAPIST: Well, that’s great. I think that sounds really, really good. So do you
want to see your room?
Bradley Family Episode 1
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