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Working With Diverse Families

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Specific Cultural Considerations for Week 5 Case Studies

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Ethical Standards for Human Services Professionals

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Current Events and the Practice of Human Services

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Assignment: Immersion Project—Dialogue Plan

For this Assignment, you will create a plan to conduct a virtual or face-to-face dialogue for your Immersion Project. You will need to gather information about the lived experience of a person from the culture you selected. This is called a dialogue (not an interview) because it is not simply a one-sided gathering of information. The dialogue should be a two-sided conversation that results in the exchange of information about cultural experience. This dialogue can happen virtually or in person. It can also happen over time or in a one-time sitting. By Day 7

Submit a 1- to 2-page paper that addresses the following: How do you plan on conducting the dialogue, over multiple sessions or in a one-time sitting?

When do you expect to complete the dialogue?

How does the person you intend to have the dialogue with fit the characteristics of the culture you are studying?


You need Instructor approval for your proposal before you commence the dialogue session(s) with the selected individual.

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