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Computers have replaced people as workers in many areas primarily because of the speed and precision with which they perform tasks. However, there are drawbacks to overreliance on automation—when a job is no longer performed manually, the skill set required for the job may slowly diminish and may eventually be lost. This idea holds true for project management as well.

This week’s Discussion considers a PM relying on project management software tools. With sound understanding of the main areas of project management activities, you should be able to analyze which of these activities are best automated and which other activities should be performed manually.

Discuss the pros and cons of project management software.

When should project management tools be used?

For which tasks should a PM not use any software tools?

Is project management software truly beneficial to PMs, or does it tend to misdirect them? Substantiate your answers with examples.

Please response to these post:

(1) Project management software helps companies in planning, time management, allocation of resources, and change management (Kayser, 2020). It comes with many benefits including the following:


: A project management software offers communication tools that help project teams to collaborate in real-time. For example, they can discuss tasks, dependencies, and timelines as work progresses.


: It provides tools for document sharing. Teams can easily document and share project details allowing for transparency and communication.


: It comes with tools that help companies to manage budget costs. Controlling project costs is critical. Project management software helps control project costs from start to finish (Kayser, 2020).

Resource allocation:

It helps project teams to allocate resources. Project managers can ensure team members are working on the right task at the right time.

Time management

: It helps project teams to schedule and track work progress.

On the downside, project management software has some disadvantages:


A good project management software offers solutions, but it can be expensive.


Project management software can be complex to use. Some projects might not require high-powered software to succeed.

Using a project management tool depends on the needs of an organization. If the organization has complex projects, it becomes necessary to keep track of time, cost and progress. A project manager should not use software tools for simple tasks.

Project management software offers many tools that can help project teams to succeed, but it has no guarantees (Kliem, 2000). There have been cases where projects failed even with sophisticated tools. A bad project manager will still not succeed with project management software.

(2) Project management tools aid an organization in organizing and managing tasks and projects (Ugbaja, 2021). These tools can be a software or platform (Ugbaja, 2021). Project management tools are not always needed or required.

Project management software has many pros and cons. Some advantages of using project management software are greater communication and collaboration and predicting and forecasting potential problems (Bui, 2019). Communication and collaboration are essential to all successful projects, and these tools “develop a funnel of internal communication and collaboration for tasks and projects” (Bui,2019). This software also helps a project manager predict and forecast risks, optimizing the decision-making process (Bui, 2019).

Some disadvantages of project management software are its learning curve, its costly investment, and the fact that users may become too reliant on using the software (Bai, 2019). With any software comes a learning curve, and the project manager will need to make sure they are trained on all the features for optimization. This software can also be costly for any organization and can impact a project’s budget (Bai, 2019). Simple projects are where software tools should not be used as they can complicate a project and make it more sophisticated than needed.

Project management software is genuinely beneficial to project managers and organizations when used correctly. This software helps a project manager keep a project on track and organized and helps determine any risks that may develop throughout a project. I feel this software will misdirect a project manager if the manager is not trained on the software functions and if the project is simple as the software may complicate the project activities further.

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