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You have been assigned a case study to analyze and submit a presentation on during Week 5 of this semester. Your task is to develop a presentation outlining the key concepts and ideas from the case study, and highlight how knowledge or application of specific sex offender typologies contributed to the resolution of that particular case. Your analysis and presentation of the case study project is intended not only to aid in your understanding of the sex offender types and typologies, but also to aid the class in their understanding and discussion of how law enforcement’s knowledge of such typologies are critical tools in the investigative and prosecutorial processes.

Content of Presentation

Your presentation should contain (at minimum) the following content:

A comprehensive summary of the case, including detailed descriptions of the victim, perpetrator(s), environment and circumstances surrounding the offense and the offending behavior. (

What happened?


A description of the sex offender typology or typologies under consideration in this case study. (

What typology of sex offender?


A discussion, listing or description of the perpetrator(s)’ characteristics that provide evidence of a specific sex offender typology. (

How does his/their behavior(s) fit the profile of this typology?


A discussion and conclusion about how and why knowledge of this particular sex offender typology is important to law enforcement, not only in the investigative process, but in prosecution as well as punishment or incarceration. (

Why do police, lawyers, judges, correction officers and prison officials need to know about this sex offender typology?


APA-formatted citations.

A TEMPLATE IN PowerPoint is provided for you in the Week 5 folder.

Things to Think About


Presentation Materials

— Handouts listing major facts relevant to your topic, significant concepts, key points, terminology with definitions, and other interesting points of information are

encouraged in addition to the PPT




— Use of presentation software (PowerPoint)is REQUIRED to meet the expectations of this assignment.


Additional Media

— It is NOT necessary to record your voice narrating your presentation materials. But it would be fantastic, awesome, and wonderful if you did so (and really great practice for you!) *A higher grade may be earned if additional graphical, audio, or video media are incorporated into the presentation.



— A compilation of references used for the presentation in APA style should be included with the presentation materials, and all sources should be cited throughout the body of your work. Without proper citation, you may be committing plagiarism!

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Definition or explanation of the sex offense
typology under consideration in this case
Details of the case (summary)
More details if necessary
Details about the offender(s) (if available) that
might include background, employment,
demographics, age, sex, etc.
Explanation of offender(s) behavior(s) and how
he (they) fit a/the particular typology.
More details
Explanation or details describing why the
offender characteristics, behavior and the sex
offense typology aided (or could aid) the
ï‚¡ Details cont.
Explanation or description demonstrating why
knowledge of offender behaviors and this sex
offense typology are important for police,
courts, corrections and other CJ personnel.
Anything else you want to say to bring the
presentation to a conclusion.
APA-formatted reference list here

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