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Read this two comments and give a positive feedback to each of them

#1 Christian :

There are a variety of factors to consider when staffing nurses for patient safety, such as the number of patients per nurse, nurse preparation, patient acuity, and nurse autonomy. The complex issue of staffing nurses often is compounded by cost issues. According to Bartmess, Myers, & Thomas (2021), when nurse organizations’ recommendations for safe staffing measures are disregarded by hospital administrations, nurse lobbyists and interest groups often pursue legislative action to protect patients and nurses from unsafe staffing conditions. In order for the nursing profession to grow, we need to employ lobbyists to take political action and have a voice in policy making. Because health care policy is constantly changing, nurses must seek to have a seat and a voice at the table. Therefore, nurse advocacy needs to extend beyond the clinical setting. Nurses can bring their expertise as advocates to a larger scale by engaging in policy making and politics. By joining an interest group, nurses can advocate for policies that are advantageous to their group. It’s also part of their self-preservation as a profession. It’s imperative to support and work with professional nursing associations that play a significant role in influencing practice. In order to advance the interests of nursing and grow as a profession, we need to be engaged on the political arena.


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2 Shoshanah:

Yes, I believe that nurses as lobbyists are essential to the growth of the nursing profession. Our voices need to be heard and be part of the health care reform that need to be implemented. We need to lead the way in helping to restructure the healthcare system. Nurses spend more time with patients and being their advocates. We are at the front lines getting to know their medical history, changes in condition, and we see first-hand if a particular treatment is successful or not.

If nurses are expected to have critical thinking skills and make suggestions to improve patient outcomes, we should not be excluded from having an impact on health care policy. Nurses need to have the confidence and knowledge on the issues that affect health care, and the nursing profession. Besides reform for patient care, there are many issues that directly affect the nursing profession and our well-being on the job that needs to be addressed. We need to stand together and be supportive of nurses who are taking on the responsibility of being lobbyists to effect change. “Nurses must be represented en masse before they will be able to significantly affect the decisions that directly influence their profession” (Huston, 2017, p. 342).


Huston, C. J. (2017).

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