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(A) Web form is used on our web pages for collecting data input from site visitors. Such a form is created by placing an HTML form element in the page document, and then placing within that element a number of

form controls

or “widgets” that are able to receive data from the user in some form.

What is the purpose of having a form on a web page?

What are the five different kinds of input elements we discussed in detail in this chapter, and what kind of input does each permit?

What is the purpose of the attribute checked for radio buttons and checkboxes?

(B) Please be sure to provide justification by citing the article researched, and include the reference in the reference page of your paper.PHP is one of the most widely used non-proprietary server-side technologies in use on the web today. It is an interpreted programming language designed specifically for preprocessing data on the server side and sending the results of that preprocessing back to a browser on the client side as HTML markup. As a programming language, it is another in the C-based category of languages, though it inherits much of its syntax more directly from Perl and has much in common with JavaScript as well.

What is the major difference between how JavaScript is used and how PHP is used in web programming? Hint: Perhaps we should ask what the major difference is in


they are used.

Why did we “feel the need” to employ AJAX with PHP on our web pages?

What is a relational Database Software? Give an example of the one used.

Why do we need to normalize our Database?

What is the MySQL command for creating a database? Give a typical command for inserting a record in the table.

(C) The information age is gradually causing the accumulation of vast quantities of data in various repositories large and small around the world. Extracting useful information from such mountains of data is sometimes referred to as

data mining


Can you name three types of web mining, and describe each briefly?

What is a web-server access log, and what are some of the shorter terms used to refer to the same thing?

What is the

common log format

, and how many entry fields does it contain?

How many of the entry fields in the common log format can you describe?

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