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Back end and front end project as I explained with all the information that I sent. Important note it’s not allowed to use anything from online except the provided links.

This project requires you to develop a back-end Node JS server application using the Express library and a front-end React application.

1- While you typically would want a separate repository for the front and back end projects, for ease, here you will create both projects within a single repository. (Since I will run both on the same computer, this will be fine). Call the front end project folder frontend (patterned off of the react-consumer-notes project) and the back end project folder backend (patterned off of the node-authentication-api-privs project). I should be able to spin both up using the two commands npm install and npm start in each each folder.

2- Call your database mongodb://localhost:27017/youre_name (in the database.config.js file) with your own first initial and last name rather than pies

3- In the back-end application, keep both the auth.js and note.routes.js routes as well as all of the controllers, models, and config Javascript files. For practice, require all of the router.API calls (with API being all the post/get/put/delete requests) in the note.routes.js to use the middleware.verify middleware to require token authorization to use. You are to show that you are able to use all of the calls to the routes for this, namely signup and login to create and get the token, then each of the five router.API calls, using Postman. The latter calls should show the headers with the Basic Authorization showing along with the request and response, with you providing a screenshot for each. Please call these signup.png, login.png, post.png, put.png, delete.png, get all.png, and get one.png. You should make sure that you have at least two notes showing so that I can distinguish the get all.png, and get one.png differences. Note that for this part of the project, I will ONLY be grading your PNG files and will not try to run this part of the project myself, so please do not miss any of the seven images.

4-To your backend project, keeping all files from the above part of the project in your application, create your own model, controller, and routes files of your own. Simply add them all to the project folders. Your model must have at least five fields of which two must be different from strings. That is in addition to the time fields auto-created by the app. For your own routes, you are NOT to use the middleware.verify middleware.

5- Research how to make POST requests using CURL to populate your database with data. In the root folder of your backend project (where the server.js file is), you are to have a script file called populate that has the POST requests in there for me to run to populate your database on my system. You must have at least four records entered into your database (and hence, four CURL requests) this way.

6- Using the fake-prototypes example in the react-examples in the class repository as a template, in your frontend project, develop code that will consume your data from your back-end application. You should also use the react-consumer-notes project in the node-react-example folder in the class repository to guide you. Again, note that you do NOT need to use any authorization tokens for this part. (NOTE: While this is unfortunate, there is actually a considerable amount of material needed to do this correctly with authorization and authentication; however, doing this part of the project without it should still give you some practice in connecting the front and back end components together). You will only need to have one page show for this part of the project, the one showing all your data nicely designed with bootstrap and react-bootstrap. Please take a screenshot of the page and call it react frontend.png. This will be important if there are problems with getting your applications running on my laptop!

7- You must use PropTypes in your React app.

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