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10 LTE C
Informative Presentation Guidelines
Total Points for Project:
1. Speech: 75
II. Prepared Notecards (minimum of three,
maximum of 10) – 10
III. Outline: 75
IV. PowerPoint: 25
1. Presentation Information
Choose an area of interest for an
informative (not persuasive) speech.
You must research the topic using a
minimum of THREE different credible
sources, you will orally cite these
during your presentation.
Presentation must be between 4-6
Presentation must contain an
introduction, body and a conclusion
Transitions are required and should be
present in the following places: going
into the body, between each main point
and entering the conclusion.
A PowerPoint is required (5-7 slides)
II. Note Cards
• Prepared 3×5 inch Notecards (minimum
of three, maximum of 10)
Use of the outline will not be allowed
as this indicates a lack of preparation
• Tips for preparing notecards
O Write on only one side of each
Number each card in a corner
and circle the number (to avoid
2:55 1
You should have three different
sources that are cited using MLA style
within your outline and on your Works
Cited page.
A PowerPoint is required (a
sample PowerPoint will be posted to
Submit PowerPoint to Blackboard
Should be 5-7 slides and include the
following info:
0 _Title Slide (Name, Title of
Presentation, Name of Class,
O Intro Slide
o Main Point 1 Slide
Main Point 2 Slide
o Main Point 3 Slide (if you
have a third main point)
O Conclusion Slide
o Reference Slide sources
cited MLA style
Get photos from the public domain
so you do not violate copyright laws.
You do NOT have to cite these, but it
is nice if you do. Sites you can use
0 __Unsplash.com
O _Pixabay.com
o Flickr.com
If you choose to use a Google
image, check the license usage
O_Go to Google Image
0 _Type in search info
to Tools
2:55 1
0 _Type in search info
0 Go to Tools
0 _Usage Rights
0 Select Creative Commons
Licenses (you still have to
cite these)
Time 4-6 min
Into – 1 min
Main point 1 – 1 min
Main point 2 – 1min
Main Point 3 – 1 min
Conclusion – 15 sec
Three Sources
Power Point
Use clear photos
Put a background behind text when text is
used on a complex background
Align text with pictures
Using color in presentation
The colors convey a meaning to
your audience
Limit the number of fonts in your
Use a font that conveys
professionalism (Example:
Don’t stand and just read slides
Use pixabay images

2:55 1
| LTE 2 )
o Number each card in a corner
and circle the number (to avoid
getting out of order)
o Highlight your in-text citations so
you do not forget to say them
o Put your intro on one card
Put main point 1 on one card
O Put main point 2 on one card
o Put main point 3 (if you have a
third point) on one card
Put conclusion on one card
III. Outline Information
A full sentence outline is required (a
sample outline will be posted to
Submit an electronic copy to Turn It
In within Blackboard.
o Once you submit to Blackboard,
print off the PDF of the entire
outline that shows your similarity
percentage. Your similarity
should be less than 25%.
O You are allowed to submit your
outline early (before due date) to
check your similarity and you can
make amendments to outline and
resubmit before due date if your
percentage needs to come down.
O If similarity percentage is above
25%, your instructor reserves the
right to make appropriate grade
You should have three different
sources that are
cited using MLA style

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