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The topic for this assignment is Freedom and Security, it was due this morning but, the paper that I have already written may not get me the highest grade. An B (80%) or higher worthy paper is what i’m looking for.

Give the bibliographic information for the reading selection source in APA format. This can be copied and pasted from the class week where the reading is introduced.

Give the exact quote and page number (or paragraph number, if the source has no page numbers)

Paraphrase the quote and provide an in-text citation.



you selected the quote and


the quote relates to your selected social issue and your perspective on the issue


Indicate your topic, thesis, and reasons

Give 4-6 quote log “entries” where you provide the required information (see above under



Review the sample quote log below.

Sources and Documentation

Topic is on freedom and security

For each source, you should include APA-style reference citations and in-text citations

Sample Header and Title for Assignment Submissions

Kim Lee (

student’s name


Quote Log (

assignment name


Social Issue: Education and Empowerment (



Reflection Questions

The reflection questions are to be answered separately. (They are not part of the quote log.) Post these in the “comments” box when submitting your assignment. You can number your answers or write the in paragraph form. Be sure to address all four questions.

Aside from simply meeting the requirements, what were your personal goals for this assignment?

When reviewing your language choices, what choices did you make to approach your goals for staying within or moving beyond conventions for academic writing?

What parts of your work on this assignment are you most proud of?

What challenged you in this assignment and/or where do you need additional support from your instructor?

Sample Quote Log (first entry only is shown)


Quote Log

Social Issue: Education and Empowerment


Education and Empowerment


Contrary to popular opinion, education does not always lead to empowerment.


(1) Everyone does not have access to a quality education.

(2) Even with a quality education, lucrative employment opportunities are not guaranteed.

(3) Educated individuals may still face discrimination and other inequities that limit opportunities for success.

Entry #1


Anyon, J. (2016). Social class and the hidden curriculum of work. In G. Columbo (Ed.),

Rereading America: Cultural contexts for critical thinking and writing



ed.) (pp. 136-153). Bedford St. Martin’s.


“Basil Bernstein, Pierre Bourdieu, and Michael W. Apple, focusing on school knowledge, have argued that knowledge and skills leading to social power and regard (medical, legal, managerial) are made available to the advantaged social groups but are withheld from the working classes, to whom a more ‘practical curriculum’ is offered (manual skills, clerical knowledge) ” (Anyon, 2016, p. 137).


Several researchers have pointed out that schools provide upper class students with the knowledge and skills needed for prestigious occupations. Such knowledge and skills are not given to students in the working class. Working class students are only provided with knowledge and skills for manual and clerical jobs (Anyon, 2016).

Explanation of quote selection and connection:

I selected this quote because it illustrates the difference in the quality of education students from various social class backgrounds receive. In order to get a high quality education that leads to well-paying jobs, you have to be a student from an upper class family. Without access to a quality education, it is impossible to have opportunities for success. Education will only empower those students who are lucky enough to receive a quality education.

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