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The Middle Ages Today: Anti-Judaism

James D’Emilio

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To complete the Middle Ages Today project, you must make

a total of two postings, each of three paragraphs

, following the instructions in whatever forum you choose to post in.

You may do both postings in the same forum or in two different ones.

For this forum, you should discuss

hostility towards the Jews among Christians or Muslims, analyzing sources that relate the past (the New Testament, the Qur’an, medieval Christian anti-Semitism, or other examples of medieval relations between Christians or Muslims and Jews) to modern/contemporary events

(different forms of prejudice, hostility, and conflict between Christians or Muslims and Jews in the modern world, any time from the 19th century onwards, including Russian pogroms, Nazi policies and the Holocaust, contemporary anti-Semitism in the US and Europe, or Muslim hostility towards Jews today).

The past/present relationship is central: how do we use the past to explain the present? or how do we write histories and describe the past in ways colored by present-day issues and biases?

To do this in your posting,

you can critically compare two sources

. One source can be taken from the Resource Page and I encourage you to cite course readings to support your analysis.

Or, you can choose one source, from that page or your own research, and analyze it critically using course readings to develop and support your analysis

. If you use one source, make sure it offers sufficient material (specific examples, clearly stated viewpoints, documentary or historical evidence) for analysis. For this topic, the most relevant course readings include texts from the New Testament and Qur’an, Nirenberg’s Anti-Judaism, John Chrysostom’s sermon, the story of William of Norwich, and Rubin’s Gentile Tales.

I’ve posted a comment which may help steer your own postings and particularly the ways you link the sources for this project to course readings.

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