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English 1B: Professor Regis Instructions for Argument Essay #3


4 pages. On Young Goodman Brown

Due Date:

Due Date is listed in the syllabus. Digital Final Draft copy due to Canvas by 7/21.


Pick one of the following topics and discuss it at length. You should have OUTSIDE RESEARCH in your essay, and several properly cited quotes throughout the essay.

You will need a total of three outside articles to help you prove your points.

, in the WORKS CITED PAGE AND PAPER. You may use ONE short story or one or two poems from the book for part of your research. ONLY ONE COUNTS TOWARD YOUR SOURCE COUNT. Below are the possible topics. Pick one aspect for your topic.

– Pick at least three examples of Ethos, Logos, and/or Pathos to explore in the work that you have chosen. You will take those examples and explain how the author uses them to their advantage in your chosen work.

– Compare two poems (preferably by the same author, but not required). Explain how

their style remains similar or changes. If you are using two different authors, then you must compare and contrast. You may look at issues such as rhyme, meter, subject, metaphor, simile, etc.

– How do authors engage audiences? Take either your chosen poem(s) or short story, and argue what tools the author uses to pull the audience in. Does the author use language, setting, characters, and/or tone to pull the audience in?

Construct a thesis that explains the basics of your argument. Then explain the basics of your chosen topic, and name at least three points which you will use to examine your argument.

You will support your side with researched, peer-reviewed articles. You should have several quotes throughout your essay, and you need to have a WORKS CITED page at the end of your essay. You should have a recognizable, single-sentence thesis that includes all your main points and topic, and it should be at the END of the introduction paragraph.


This essay will help you recognize how authors engage you and help you to learn.


Your audience is literary scholars. Your essay should be written as if you are writing to an academic audience. Assume that they know your method of choice for analyzing. You should NOT summarize your research in any way. Assume the reader already understands and knows the research.

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